Smackdown Results: SmackDown celebrates a decade


In the biggest Eight-Man Tag Team Match in SmackDown history, Superstars from both SmackDown and Raw battled for bragging rights on one of the biggest nights in WWE. After a hard-fought war, it was Undertaker who reigned supreme for his team when he crushed Randy Orton with a devastating Tombstone.

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  1. Hi2 Nicole, us Punk fans should stick together, its been a bad week for Punk and we should not argue. I forgive you if you forgive me. I hope you can.

  2. can’t see the dress code thing being true myself, Punk has never dressed any different. Funny story though – would be great if Punk did say what about John Cena!

  3. OMG, that’s so unfair! Poor Punk! 🙁

    Thanks Cami 🙂

    RobynW, it’s okay, I forgive you. And yeah, we Punk fans should stick together! 😉

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