Smackdown Results: SmackDown for Survival


One week after losing the World Heavyweight Championship Submission Match to The Demon of Death Valley, The Straightedge Superstar was given a match against official Scott Armstrong by Mr. McMahon himself. Though Armstrong refused to go down easy, hitting Punk with some good punches, in the end, The Second City Saint made quick work of his outmatched opponent with the GTS.

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  1. Le poil sur le torse lui donne l’air encore plus viril, mais qu’est-ce que ça fait bizarre, ouais c’est bien la première fois, si je ne me trompe pas que je vois des photos de lui avec du poil sur le torse. Mais ça ne change rien, il est toujours aussi craquant ! ^^

  2. ok I’m officially speechless over this match – much to my husbands shock and delight! LOL 🙂 . Most possitive thing I can say is that there were some great entertaining expressions from Punk, I understand that this kind of stuff expands his character and all that, but really , is it necessary to waste Punk’s skill on stuff like this? I think not! Oh well, it was fun I suppose! Lets hope for some wrestling next week tho

  3. To Ellen I watched it again with my kids this morning, must admit it was just funny the second time around! poor scott armstrong!

  4. I was skeptical of this match at first, even though I realised it was to build Punk’s character and story– but I’ll say, Punk returned my negatives with positives.
    I loved watching him! He took the chance to pull out his full character, and I dare say, I saw shades of his ROH heel persona here, specially what he said to the ref after the match.
    I’m unhappy the way WWE treated him this week, but I am glad they didn’t just shun him aside (which means they *finally* realise what an asset he is!!) nor give him a fluke victory or a defeat. Instead they gave him a chance to build up some heat and character.
    I would have complained a full on rant, but I cannot deny I enjoyed watching the pure heel bada** this week. And the way he pinned him! =D
    Keep up the awesome work Punk =]

  5. There were only a couple of things to enjoy out of what I thought was a weak episode. Poor Punk, Smackdown’s got him scraping the bottom of the barrell with this episode, no disrespect to Scotty Armstrong. However as always Punk cooks up a gr8 dish with what scaps WWE gives him to work with. Things are grim! The few things that made me smile was one when Teddy and Vince were talking and Punk enters to room, people cheered ! ! ! YES!, THEY ACTUALLY CHEERED! HAHA. And later when Punk was in the ring with Scotty, there were some hardcore Punk fans chanting “CM PUNK, CM PUNK” To that bunch of guys n’ gals I salute you, YOU ROCK! 🙂 But the salvation of the show was Rey and Batista’s thing, particularly Batista who im lovin, the guy is in top form at present and he was rivetting really. When he smashed Matt Hardy who had preached to him about brotherly love, I gotta admit folks I had a warm feeling inside LOL! Yeah Im sick LOL, but the way Matt talks he so deserved some animal. Batista’s next DVD release should be titles ‘WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK’ haha, so good. So I guess there was some good moments but they were so NOT wrestling moments, unfortunately. I cant even remember anything else from that episode… WWE’s gotta find someone quality for Punk to wrestle, they are just wasting the guys phenomenal talents…

  6. What a shit show! That was work to sit through. Batista and Mysterio were cool and CmPunk rocked with sad little Scott Armstrong for the 1 minute it lasted, but Oh god it was an awful show. The crowds have stopped booing Punk because they see he is perhaps Smackdowns only true superstar and they can no longer bear to hate him they are so desperate for entertainment.

  7. Well Im desperate too, so Im reverting to prayer to get some A-wrestling. Im praying at the temple of Vince McMahon, “please Lord Vincent send us a wrestler who is worthy to feud with CM Punk! We know we are but tiny unworthy creatures before your magnificent almightyness, but please send us a warrior for our champion to fight. And dare we ask for it to be a fair fight because we are very tired of our champion having to pretend he cant defeat his opposition. Amen” ! 😀

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