Smackdown Results: Sore loser.

Hardy basked in the glow of his first successful title defense, CM Punk came to the ring to apparently congratulate Hardy by raising his arm in victory. But then, in an ugly display of poor sportsmanship, The Straightedge Superstar viciously assaulted Hardy amidst a chorus of boos from the WWE Universe. The crazed ex-champion reigned down blow upon blow on Hardy, leaving him battered and beaten on the arena floor. Then, just when it appeared Punk was done, he attacked Hardy again, tossing his helpless body across the announce table and onto the arena floor.

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  1. CM Punk is an utterly daft sociopath (or so he was last night). I love it! Though I am new to the whole wresting scene, I love him.

    One thing I am not new to is the knowledge that Jeff Hardy is a wretched, punk-ass uakari.

    Now, I suppose, I must sign off with some sort of battle cry:

    Long live the Straightedge Superstar!


    (I’ll stop now)

  2. After the disappointment of Punk losing it was good to see that straight edge was teaching Jeff a lesson.He will get his title back!

  3. Well, it’s official. CM Punk is now heel! Poor Jeff… But I guess Punk isn’t someone to mess with 😉

  4. Well CM Punk is even meaner now to Jeff I wanted to hurt CM that night!! My poor baby Jef!! =(

  5. Well, I gotta admit – I was originally not a fan of a Punk heel turn. But now? I’m all for it. CM Punk is almost better as a heel. Loving the brash, “I’m better than you” attitude. Hoping this keeps him at the top of the WWE where he belongs.

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