Smackdown Results: Stepping Over the Limit


Two days before he will face Rey Mysterio at Over the Limit, CM Punk inducted three members of the WWE Universe into The Straight Edge Society. Following the pledge, the new inductees had their heads shaved to show their devotion in actions as well as words.

Mysterio then emerged, putting a quick end to the festivities when he revealed a doctored photo of The Straight Edge “savior” with his head shaved bald. The Straight Edge Society took out their frustration by attacking their new members and knocking them from the ring.

Later, Mysterio teamed with MVP to take on The Second City Saint and his “sin-free soldier” Luke Gallows. As The Master of the 619 attempted to dial up his favorite maneuver on Punk, the hooded stranger – who had attacked Mysterio on three separate occasions – once again emerged out of nowhere. This time, The Ultimate Underdog proved ready for the surprise. After attacking the anonymous assailant with absolute fury and ramming him into the steel ring post, Mysterio used his supreme athletic ability to counter Punk and pick up the quick pin.

Will Mysterio’s mock image of Punk’s bald head become reality this Sunday? Or will The Masked Superstar be forced to take the Straight Edge Pledge?

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  1. Smackdown was interesting to say the least. I hate the thought of Punk losing his hair. I said it before it doesn’t really matter anymore to me but I hate the thought -still. Contradiction here, I know. Anyway, I don’t watch wrestling because of the hair but because of the wrestling moves. AND every time I watch Punk I fall in love again. Arghhhh

  2. Did anyone notice that Punker really had to laugh ‘on the inside’ because one of the blokes, the one with the red hair on the right, had to laugh first? That was funny. Punker nearly couldn’t contain himself anymore hehe. 😛 Oh the last part was cruel when they beat up all the blokes…..:P
    Thanks Punker, I appreciate it…..and I hope I’m not just imagining it…

  3. He looks like a guilty puppy sitting to a big pile of poo. Talk about puppy dog eyes.

  4. i dont want punk to be shaved bald i love his hair please dont shave his head please dont i beg of u wwe please dont let punk come out of Over The Limit bald!!!!!!

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