Smackdown Results: Stunned contenders


With Luke Gallows at his side, CM Punk followed up on his promise to “save” a member of the WWE Universe. A fan identified only as James was the chosen one. Assuaging James of his fears, the “Straightedge Savior” shaved his head, initiating him into the straightedge society.

After a distraction by his mentor CM Punk, the “Detoxified Disciple” Luke Gallows defeated Matt Hardy with a ruthless Gallows Pole.

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  1. what a lovely message suxx, and yes you’re right its the hardest job in the world. I have a teenager and 6 year old twins so I speak from experience! 🙂 It always suprises me how the people you think are tough are always the softest ones when it comes to kids, just like the video clip of Punk visiting kids in hospital. I should imagine being a pro-wrestler and a parent is even hard,due to all the travel commitments, they must miss out on so much of their kids lives

  2. I remember in a shoot interview he was talking about i think it was…bryan danielsons kid or some wrestlers kid, and he didn’t know how to hold a baby so its head was lolling about. And he bought little clothes for it…like a baby misfits tshirt and apparently the kid only wears it when he comes around. Awwwww, when he was saying it, his face was totally lit up. He’s totally lying when he says he doesn’t like kids, he probably just thinks he’d be crap with them. If he had a kid, he’d be gentle. I remember the picture of him in the lift holding the wee babys hand, that smile was genuine.

  3. also there’s the pic of him with the little girl, was it the make a wish foundation, Punk looks pretty relaxed on those too, like he’s enjoying being with her. You can’t fake that look

  4. HEY XsophieX !
    here’s another one for ya !


    so stop the violence
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    Author Notes
    this writing is personal, i’m from brockton mass enough said.
    this is dedicated to Darien Albert AND ALL THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES DO TO SENSELESS GANG VIOLENCE ! r.i.p. stop the violence

    I’M SRAIGHTEDGE !!!!!!!!

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