Smackdown Results: Stunned contenders


With Luke Gallows at his side, CM Punk followed up on his promise to “save” a member of the WWE Universe. A fan identified only as James was the chosen one. Assuaging James of his fears, the “Straightedge Savior” shaved his head, initiating him into the straightedge society.

After a distraction by his mentor CM Punk, the “Detoxified Disciple” Luke Gallows defeated Matt Hardy with a ruthless Gallows Pole.

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  1. I thank you webmiss. Happy new year. 😀 Seems like Punk got a kick out of shaving the hair of the young wrestler lol. I haven’t watched it yet but Punk looks fabulous as usual on the photos. He always looks fabulous to me. 😀 I’m so much into him it scares me….ha ha

  2. The symbolism in a way is quite beautiful by getting rid of the old in order to encourage the new so that one can better themselves. A lesser man amoung us would laugh at this and call it a joke but luckily their is a small group of people who know what shall prevail and out live what CM Punk refers to as losers.

  3. .true PunNkfReAk , the prophets and futurists always outlive lesser mortals. Punk probably will remain the only straightedge superstar wrestler to be megafamous, and I have no doubt in a future world, his name will remain relevant when other great wrestlers have faded, simply because he was an uncompromised individual and anti-everyday. It was an average smackdown however, a big fall from last week.

  4. Its a shame to see how much he is over looked today and for god sake how long has it been since we had an exetrem rules F!@#ING match i think it was in september tommy dreamer vs christian ECW world heviweight title (please feel free to correct me if you wish) and it was extreme but nothing speacial kind of like the movie ‘Doubt’ compared to the rest of philip seymour hoffman’s work.

  5. I’m a huge CM Punk fan and I support him 100 %, but this whole “making others” straight edge has gotten too far, I mean come on, seriously. I want to see Punk wrestle, I want him after the gold, not worrying about others and trying to make WWE Universe Straight Edge.

    I’m Straight Edge and was before I even found out CM Punk was, there’s lots of Punk fans that follows his foot steps, but please Punk, go after the gold already!!! This is WWE:s fault, they want people to become straight edge because that’s clearly a good thing, but they’re doing it all wrong, Punk is a megaheel superstar, fans usually don’t listen to heel superstars, It would be a whole different thing if Cena told people that Straight Edge is the right way to live, because kids and fans love him (I don’t)! Anyway, just waiting for Punk to drop that and start hunting for some gold! (Which he might, ECW Championship, but I hope he looses that, because I don’t watch ECW and I don’t want Punk to join ECW)

  6. this is uncanny and its not fair he is 100% crazy becasuse to be straitedge is to have your head shaved off thats so damn wrong (to nicole)but when i in a meeting backstage at wwe for real im might be scared of pills then here comes cm punk my hero with his sidekick luke gallows and they might take to the ring and help me start a new life by giving me a make over for hair and then it turned pink all sugar pink then i might give them a hug and say thank you and we hold hands with a smile then he said to me i love you during my heart beating fast before i know after that what happen luke and i was singing with cm punk then my friends from school watch me on the white board in the class cheering and saying go jordie go jordie but i smiled alot of times because me and him will oneday soon kiss

  7. You can’t really blame CM Punk for the woes of the world…..If he wins the ECW championship I won’t be able to watch him on telly anymore but I will definitely be able to see him LIVE in April because Smackdown/ECW will tour Europe again. 😀

  8. suxx, that should be a good reason to finally buy a new computer with a modern system to watch ecw online 😀

  9. lumis yeah.. ..canI give you my bank account number? 😀 lol Oh god there is a blizzard outside now. Signing off…

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