Smackdown Results: Survival instincts run wild


The Straightedge Superstar carried out a one-man Straightedge intervention on the WWE Universe, attempting to show them “how to survive” by disposing of cigarettes, prescription pills, and alcohol into a metal trash can. However, his efforts came to a sudden halt when R-Truth decided to carry out an intervention of his own. After knocking Punk to the ground, the rapping Superstar emptying the contents of the trash can on top of Punk before using it to bash The Second City Saint in his rib cage.

Who will chose the correct path to survival when Team Orton faces Team Kofi at Survivor Series?

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  1. I am so disgusted in this weeks SD I can’t even think of words to express it!! In fact I was that unimpressed after Punk’s bit I switched over to TNA that now shows in the uk at the same time and Raven still can kiss ass!!

  2. I know a lot of folks are disgusted by this episode I can tell by the lack of comments thus far, part of me was sickened also by what WWE made Punk do this week, BUT, he took it like a man and gave no impression that it was anything less than part of the show. Politics and degradings aside, congrats go out to Punk and Truth for breaking through with their segment into main event level status without their stuff being main event, both guys successfully overshadowed everything else. Its kinda all you remember of this episode three days later. The crowd was right into it as no-doubt many were at home watching, horrified but captivated… it had to happen sooner or later and hopefully thats as low as WWE will kick CM Punk…

    That aside, it was close to the perfect episode of Smackdown, Punk and Truth were the icing on the cake, albeit it a poisonous and bitter cake to swallow, but every match was exciting and delivered good wrestling. Matt Hardy looks like he is finally getting that stomach flat and looked a lot fitter… and the Undertaker/Cane v Jericho/Show was one of the best tag matches Ive seen in a while. Mickie James gets the big gold star though, with the ‘victory to tears in 8 seconds’ routine. She’s a real cutie that chic and her victory move was killer.

    Its no surprise others outside this place are now questioning whether CM Punk has been demoted over the last few weeks, Ive stated it a few times, hell you’d be blind if you didnt think so, but its now being asked by wrestling journals ie … under the heading ‘Has CM Punk been demoted?’ Apparently WWE says ‘No’ but that they are using Punk to lift Truth to main event status. I agree Punk has made Truth a whole lot better, but if WWE was serious bout Truth they’d get him a new song, though they did use the suggestion to cut the rap which was a massive improvement for Truth’s entrance this week. Proof’s in the pudding WWE! I still think Punk is being punished however,its so obvious to us fans, yes we must all be deranged to think that hey WWE! Well im thinking it… what more humiliation awaits CM Punk?

  3. Like a fellow comment-maker here, Bill Flanett, I cant watch this kind of rubbish. CM Punk deserves better treatment. WWE you are scum… and thank you for making the kids think that a clean and healthy lifestyle is a bad thing. You promoted drugs, cigerettes and alcohol to a whole generation of children by doing that to CM Punk. You all should hang your heads in shame.

  4. Abhorrent and disgusting. I knew what was coming as soon as this segment began and before my children got to see it, we changed channels. I watched the rerun later alone and was totally disappointed. Vince Mcmahon, I thought you were a family man, you may as well be running a liqeur-barn or a brothel, with what filth was on my television screen. PG my ass. I particularly enjoyed the shots of little kids booing and doing the thumbsdown to Punk as he went through educating about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and cigerettes. What kind of message are you sending to our children? You are a pack of degraded low-lifes.

  5. 2 (mateus/ brazil) No, the original post at the top of each page is the ‘official’ line from WWE, though Im sure you can understand that CM Punk cant make comment himself on anything, given his current predicament and the controversy of his current standing within WWE.
    I did NOT let my 8 year old son watch this show. Thank God and to a friend who told me about it prior. Boo 2 WWE. 🙁

  6. maybe cm punk should have done a TripleH and attached himself to the boss’s daughter then attached himself to ShaunMichaels to retain his career, it would have been a smoother ride thats 4 sure, wwe u suck bigtime. there is no prize for being a real man these days and the real men of vision are always crucified

  7. All bets on CM PUNK being the man who will lose for team Orton! WWE is tanning his backside so hard lately this has to be the outcome! So wrong if my prediction comes true. Im really hating the wwe right at the present.

  8. Uh man that was tough. Can you imagine, Punk walking to the showers backstage after their part, covered in alcohol and cigerettes. That was the real humiliation I think right there. Hes one tough character, with skin like a rhino. Paddy fan is right I expect the humiliation to continue at Survivor.

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