Smackdown Results: The new faces of SmackDown


Making his return to SmackDown as a result of the 2010 WWE Draft, MVP interrupted The Straight Edge Society, claiming that he was ‘saving” the WWE Universe from having to listen to them anymore. After going on a straight-up ballin’ attack, The Franchise Playa was joined in battle by Rey Mysterio. The assault prompted SmackDown GM Teddy Long to make a tag team match between the two teams.

Mysterio and MVP ultimately overcame CM Punk and Luke Gallows with an explosive 619-305 combination. But after the bell, the “unknown stranger” that helped The Second City Saint beat The Master of the 619 at Extreme Rules, appeared again and launched another hit-and-run assault on the masked Superstar.

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  1. why was there rules in extreme rules? can annyone allaborate on that? plus dont mean to be this guy but there is one funny guy on youtube that you have to check out his name is julian smith, what a comedy genius.

  2. There was rules on Extreme Rules because the WWE knows that there are children watching.The wrestlers can’t just do anything and get away with it.They need supervision.I know that it’s not fair but the WWE is becoming a mere joke and simply catering to the young children.That’s why there were rules at Extreme Rules.Not fair.

  3. Is punk in a relationship with Serena ? ive been told by many he his and read it . plus matt hardy tweeted weeks ago punk n lita aint dating anymore so there we go

  4. Well Serena and CM Punk do make a really cute couple.It’s possible that they do go together but it’s only he said she said.However them coming out together while holding hands speaks volumes about their true relationship.If they do go together,I am so glad that he and Lita are over considering the fact that she was unfaithful and very hard to trust.Serena and Punk make a good,powerful couple.

  5. yes they do make cute couple. but they could be just close friends i hold my male besties hand all the time no harm in it lol

  6. or maybe he holds her hand coz its like a symbol of his power and control over her, like they have in cults.

  7. Thank you zariah for helping out with that but i don’t think that it’s pathetic that they go kid friendly it’s just that i wish i was born in like 2000 so that i can grow up with it because the whole aim is to build the next generation of wwe fans and although we cannot relate to it, it still would speak volumes of our character that we still watch it any way because we love wrestling that much. Wrestling has better fan than UFC by the way, I’m not suprised and UFC fans are always over the top tough guys, finding an educated UFC fan is like looking for kids with a healthy respect and attitude to reproduction.

  8. You’re welcome Punk Freak.Glad that I could help!And yes I do understand that concept of the WWE’s goal to build up the next generation of WWE fans.I never thought of it that way.

  9. cm punk I think of you and lick my lips You’ve got that taste I can’t resist Can’t resist, can’t resist “Let’s eat.. To the beat!” lol its from a song called fast food song i wasnt being rude peeps

  10. Just wanted to say this. Not like it really matters, and I don’t know if CM Punk even reads these comments, but I have recently decided to become straight edge. I have been sober for over a month now. A year ago I started drinking heavily. I had been off of booze for 5 years and a break up drove me back to drinking. Punk’s words week after week on Smackdown helped make me stop and I wanted to thank you Punk. You made a difference. More than the other WWE superstars claim to do. THX PUNK!!!

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