Smackdown Results: Throwing out the rules


Like a pack of ravenous predators, The Straight Edge Society’s CM Punk and Joey Mercury intervened in a match between Big Show and Luke Gallows. With Gallows joining in, the trio viciously assaulted The World’s Largest Athlete by smashing him into the steel ring steps and repeatedly grinding and stomping on his hand. Serena even entered the fray, driving her heels into Big Show’s hand.

Sorry guys, I usually don’t go this long without updating the results, my computer has been giving me issues. All is fixed.

10 Comments on “Smackdown Results: Throwing out the rules”

  1. This was probably the best segment on SD this week! It was just soooo funny and mind punk is soooo damn sexy when he’s mad!!

  2. Ey Scottish I read what you wrote on the forum about Punk saying mongoloid to Big Show. I was surprised because I had not heard it. I have watched it over and over again but somehow I don’t hear it. What sequence was it? Yes punk acted kind of mad. I had a good laugh. If you call that mad you ain’t seen nothing yet baby. 🙂

  3. Great caps, Fabiola! This was a great segment, the SES rearing their heads again! Woohoo!

  4. i loved this segment of the smackdown episode with my straight edge family i thought it was the best episode and segment that i ever seen im also proud of my straight edge family for getting some pay back from the big show because the big show had no right disrespecting my straight edge family who the hell does he think he is ripping off masks and stuff he is a loser im proud of what my family and cm punk did to the big show i was so happy and excited too i love it i will remain straight edge and will keep my straight edge and continue to stand behind my family the straight edge society and support them nomatter what because we are straight edge and are better than you! Straight edge 4lyfe ! 🙂 .

  5. punk upsetted me. i looked up to him. tonight it was like a different punk. i dont like the new punk at all. i want the old cm punk back 🙁

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