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Despite World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk once again finding a way to beat The Undertaker, The Phenom will have his chance for revenge against The Straightedge Superstar at Hell in a Cell. And, as per SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, The Deadman’s Hell’s Gate submission hold is now fully legal.

As World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk battled Undertaker in the night’s main event, the thoughts of what transpired at WWE Breaking Point were still fresh in the minds of everyone in the WWE Universe. As both Superstars waged war, the action spilled out onto the arena floor. It looked as if Punk was done for, when The Deadman prepared to slam him onto the announce table. But, The Straightedge Superstar managed to avoid being trounced and pushed Undertaker onto the announce table. As the ref neared the 10-count, Punk slithered back into the ring. The Deadman entered right on Punk’s tail, but it was not quick enough to avoid the ref’s final count of 10.

Fabiola   Sep 26, 2009