Smackdown Results: To hell and back


Despite World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk once again finding a way to beat The Undertaker, The Phenom will have his chance for revenge against The Straightedge Superstar at Hell in a Cell. And, as per SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, The Deadman’s Hell’s Gate submission hold is now fully legal.

As World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk battled Undertaker in the night’s main event, the thoughts of what transpired at WWE Breaking Point were still fresh in the minds of everyone in the WWE Universe. As both Superstars waged war, the action spilled out onto the arena floor. It looked as if Punk was done for, when The Deadman prepared to slam him onto the announce table. But, The Straightedge Superstar managed to avoid being trounced and pushed Undertaker onto the announce table. As the ref neared the 10-count, Punk slithered back into the ring. The Deadman entered right on Punk’s tail, but it was not quick enough to avoid the ref’s final count of 10.

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  1. My buddies are talking bout it too, the Deadman has lost a heap of fans after that steal, theft, scam, whatever anyone wants to call it. Was really bad for wrestling

  2. I just feel sad for Punky, thats some teribly stuff he’s had to deal with this week.

  3. Its unbelievable that whenever the Undertaker returns, all the other wrestlers have to drop their shorts and bend over. Im so over that piss-weak treatment of the better wrestlers like CM Punk and Randy Orton at the hands of the Undertaker and his WWE power-brokers/girly-men. No way Randy Orton would have gotten tombstoned as in last weeks Smackdown and absolutely no fucking way a 31 year old World Champion (CM Punk) is gonna go down to an old parady of something that is using the name Undertaker. There is a lot of real anger among wrestling fans across the world at this debarkle that was yesterdays hell in a cell. And in reading Jim Ross’s very brief analysis of the passing hell in a cell and having respected him for years I have to say Im extremely disappointed in how he said he “felt the storyline” Jim, there has been no feeling in any of the matches Undertaker has been in with CM PUNK and Punk is worthy of better treatment at the hands of WWE. No paycheck is worth your soul.

  4. Very unhappy at how that happened at HIAC, and what is being said today about the reasons why. The deadman has dishonored himself in the eyes of many, including me.

  5. cami hey there do me a favor ok talk to cm for me and see if hes mad at me a couision of mine wrote cm while i wasnt home and made sound like a dam stalker and i am pissed and upset talk to him for me please ok try to get him to understand i dont and wont email him untill you tell me he says ok and my computer is about to go out ok

  6. hey iwas wondering if you could get ayahoo account well set one up and you and me can talk on it as friends i do think of you as a friend you have helped me so much with cm punk stuff and everything else

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