Smackdown Results: To the Extreme


CM Punk and his loyal disciples – Luke Gallows and Serena – brandished a barber’s chair at ringside, promising to induct a new follower into The Straight Edge Society and shave his head.

Their explosive match with Rey Mysterio and Kane was intense from beginning to end. As Gallows and The Big Red Monster brawled outside the ring, The Master of the 619 propelled himself off the ropes, directly at The Second City Saint. When Punk caught him in mid-air and tried to execute the Go to Sleep, Mysterio countered, trying to pull his opponent down to the canvas for the pin. But, the resourceful Punk kept his balance, dropping down onto Mysterio’s shoulders for the quick victory.

Although Mysterio was unable to dial up the 619, he did kick Punk into the barber’s chair after the match. However, before he could continue the hair cut he had started to give Punk on Raw, Serena jumped in between them and allowed her “savior” to escape.

Will CM Punk get his hair shaved off at Extreme Rules?

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  1. well less then 48 hours to go until wwe extreme rules 2010 cm punk vs rey heaps of people are backing cm punk over in new zealand and the only way punk will lose is if luke gets invovled

  2. Are you serious dylan? I mean regarding Luke Gallows? lol I really enjoyed watching Punk vs Rey (and the other wrestlers included) again. It was a real good match from my point of view and I’m NOT an expert on wrestling. 😛 Punker was on fire. 😀 His acting also has improved, very much so. 😀 He looks funny with the hair now. I guess it WILL come off. LOLING

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