Smackdown Results – Turmoil launched with a chair


Following the vicious “Straightedge intervention” by Luke Gallows, Punk and the Superstar formally known as Festus absolutely decimated R-Truth, with no regard for the match that had been taking place between the rapping Superstar and The Second City Saint.

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  1. I would love it if Punk won a match without Luke interfering but still being at ringside. I hope he doesn’t lose next week the same way. Good job by Punk, working on Truth’s arm.

  2. That was a fun episode, better than last week, Punk was funny as hell. LOL! Yes Punknut he is the Messiah LOL! I agree with you after seeing this weeks show. Or did you say he was the Antichrist? I cant remember! He he LOL. His match with R.Truth was good too, the Gallow interference, there’s no stopping that part is there,so I wont complain about it. But it is interesting no doubt. This stuff could go somewhere interesting.

  3. CM Punk knows how to milk every last drop of goodness from the material he is given. Yep, all heels have to have an entaurage, eventually, Randy Orton did that and occassionally still does, so it figured CM Punk would go there and we are seeing that now, lets hope they have a good storyline planned and will spend the time making it the best it can be. CM Punk versus R-truth was a good match, disapointed it ended like that via Luke Gallows but it was hardcore so I was still captivated by the action. I figure this is what happens when you align wrestlers with factions and entaurages – lots of interference!

  4. A solid show this week, and yes fun to watch, like Judas said above. First up let me say how cool it was to have Batista smash the hell outta Mr Undertaker, cause a lot of us have sooooooooooooo wanted that to happen everytime the bell tolls and we have to spend the next fifteen minutes waiting for the bloke to get to the stairs, lift his skirt and climb into the godamn ring… LOL! (God Im a bastard arn’t I? haha, sorry Taker) Its amazing how therapeutic a chair can be LOL! Although it didnt work for Jeff did it? LOL!
    Is there a rule that the hottest female wrestlers have to have a name beginning with the letter M. ??? Mickie, Maria, Melina, Michelle, Maryse… well Mickie James is certainly quality, she delivers that chic… and Maria, thats one good-looking woman, glad she’s back 😉 I like the dynamics of what the writers have brought to the females lately, its fun and certainly improved since Mickie returned to Smackdown. Very noticable in fact.
    Now for the real interesting part of the show, CM Punk v R-Truth. This was a damn fine wrestling match and yes I agree with Nicole and the others that in a perfect world there’d be no interference in matches (I personally detest it) BUT it was done well this week and Festus followed his Master well and delivered the goods, together taking out Truth- hey he deserved it after the trash can incident 2 weeks back! But it was the backstage stuff which was riveting. CM Punk gave us a taste this week of what the possibilities are for the development of his character as ‘Cult Leader’, he was just awesome! I had visions of what Id like to see over the weeks ahead, like for instance, a steady increase weekly in the number of Punk’s followers/ devotees, where he really becomes some twisted Idol to his followers(but not without some legitimate credibility not disrespecting the straightedge movement), to it ultimately culminating towards the end of the storyline with Josh or Teddy looking for CM Punk and they find him on a big chair philosophising to about 100 devoted followers in some backroom backstage, he blessing a line of people as they approach him, calling him “Straightedge Master”. I would love to see that! And it would be easy to get the people each week, just pull the CM Punk fans from the crowd, would be so fun. And it would it be the icing on the cake if there was a shot of Jeff Hardy sitting amongst the adoring followers if they could get Jeff to be involved, or Vince . I would laugh myself stupid to see an apologetic and arrogant Vince McMahon trying to explain to Teddy how he came to be part of Punks cult! Anyway, this storyline could be HUGE if done correctly, and it would be so much fun to watch what the ‘straightedge master’ gets up to each week. I see Punks cult leader charcter being somewhere along the lines of the Dalai lama meets Charles Manson LOL!

    PS Lets hope the WWE gives CM Punk or the Undertaker the green light to finally drop Drew McIntire and bring his winning streak to an end. Its getting boring and the Vinnies pet thing is wearing thin with me. Good show overall 🙂

  5. I always love your reviews punknut, funny stuff man! The dalai lama meets Charlie Manson, so on the money 🙂

    Im hoping too that theWWE have some surprises instore with this storyline and they give us something memorable and not just the Orton-stle mini entorage which bored me to death. Your ideas are cool and CmPunk was very ‘cult-leader-like’ with his performance this week. Here’s praying they make it into something big, not just a small segment each week and then we have to listen to Jericho talking and then more talking, then a little more talking, then a lot more talking! We need something else and Punks storyline could be the silver bullett Smackdown needs to elevate it above the average which it has been lately. I’d be way cool to see a 100 people worshipping CM Punk! 🙂

  6. to nicole its jordie here please to meet you on cm but im in love with him since 3 years ago and im a fan like you are his number 1 fan and he did email me since august then told he love to see me in america one day thats why im crazy because of this story i am a super hero called straightedge girl just like he had taking 1 2 3 4 5 chances to get the title the undertaker have round his weist but it is not what i want for him what i realy want for him is to be with me in peace and live togather forever and ever then at the wedding we kiss by the taste of his blood and my heartbeat well see you later

  7. It would be nice if Punk answered fans questions again, he did it once on this site, now would be a good time to ask new ones.

    I’m disappointed, Batista is getting a title shot?! Like gahhh, Punk deserves one and he should be in that match! I hope he wins soon!

    Nice to meet you too Jordie =)

  8. nice summary Punknut, think you covered it all there mate! lol Much better match than last week I thought, loved Punk’s self righteous smile at the end of the Luke/Punk promo, very funny. i hope WWE don’t let us down on this one, cos I think this side of Punk’s character could go far and be fun. Just hoping Punk gets to win some matches unaided in the meantime though.

  9. Im the first up to say CM Punk should be worshipped ! lol 🙂

    It was a good show wasnt it? Punk is such the entertainer, and the match with Truth was hardcore, it looked vicious which I liked, especially considering Truths vicious trashcan incident weeks back, perfect revenge I say.

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