Smackdown Results: Unnatural Phenom-enon


An intensely disheveled Kane came before the WWE Universe to lament the fall of his brother The Undertaker. Claiming that The Phenom may very well be gone forever, The Big Red Monster vowed to execute “swift, decisive vengeance” on any and all parties responsible for the “heinous assault” on the ominous Superstar. He then unleashed on a quest of absolute terror, storming through the halls of SmackDown to find The Deadman’s unknown assailant.

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  1. poor kane ifeel so bad about what happened hopefully he finds the monster who did this how could someone do this to the UNDERTAKER

  2. all cm punk fans i want to say im sorry for everything i did just to kill your savior because i was the first person that watched prince of persia the sands of time and im no longer on cm

  3. ps jake gyllenhaal is my new savior hero prince and my true love (to suxx ann punksgirl emma scottish johnny cami sophie and punkfreak)

  4. seriously cm punk please shave your beard its sooooooo huge dont you notice i like the old you better with no straight edge society and all the crap the old you had no beard you used to chame it and you never had chest hair before just shave y our beard please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause its huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. cmpunk i need help cmpunk please let me join the straight edge society you bald head moron you thought that i was serious kanes gonna kill you kanes gonna kill you you cant beat him you cant beat him you cant beat him you triple cant beat him tell luke gallows i said hes also a moron you are a scum bag you are a scum back you are a scum back you are a scum bag you are a scum bag you are a scum bag you are a scum bag just like luke gallows and sarena and your whole famlies now im serious by baldies

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