Smackdown Results: Whirlwind before the Rumble


With Luke Gallows and recently inducted Straight Edge Society member Serena lurking at ringside, Triple H triumphed over The Second City Saint, though not the way he may have intended. As The Game was setting up The Pedigree, Serena and Gallows attacked, causing the official to call for the bell. Once the trio had secured their post-match advantage, they tried to cap off their assault by shaving Triple H’s head. But HBK swiftly arrived to even the score and DX cleared the ring of Gallows. When they turned their attention back to Punk, however, the “Straight Edge savior” suddenly pulled Serena in front of him in order to save himself.

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  1. @Doggyfreak lol, haha 😀 Yeah I dont get “kenneth”, though nice name, so ‘official’ sounding is “kenneth”, kenneth snatch lol! Seriously, crazyhorse or someone said you and punknut were outlaws, thats got2be true, you are hardcore you two, so funny. Id love to hang with you boys, be a riot. What was up with “kenneth”? Only Julie trashed DX, even the most brutal and honest critic punknut said they did a great job, maybe “kenneth” himself thought HHH didnt look so great next to CM Punk but couldnt bring himself to admit it, so lashes out on Punk and punks people instead, bad psychology “kenneth”, we are all ok with HHH and HBK, their cool and they brought the goods this week to Smackdown? There was no hate from us “kenneth”. lol. Im tying to be serious “kenneth”, its so hard when the guys name is “kenneth”. lol 😀

  2. hi everyone! BAHAHA doggyfreak, freezeroven that was great! 😀
    Kenneth … i cant say anything more.. only shun the idiot!!

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