Smackdown Results: With help from above


Despite CM Punk’s specific instructions that his Straight Edge followers not get involved in his match with Rey Mysterio, they disobeyed their savior. Luke Gallows, Serena and a mysterious hooded person all entered the fray. Ultimately, their involvement earned The Second City Saint a disqualification. But in the end, Mysterio suffered a brutal Gallows Pole capped off with a devastating Go to Sleep from Punk. When they meet again, it will be in a Hair vs. S.E.S. Pledge Match at Over the Limit.

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  1. – CM Punk isn’t working the SmackDown live events this weekend in Canada. Because of his absence, Rey Mysterio & Christian vs. Luke Gallows and a mystery partner are being advertised..source

  2. Maybe he’s taking care of Beth Phoenix- she has this knee injury and surgery this coming Tuesday so I read on her WWE blog. Just joking, pls forgive me. / 😛 She should be careful with her knee. I had an accident 10 years ago and my knee was affected and after all those years, whenever the weather changes, I still can feel it in my knee. Or maybe he has some time off. He deserves it. He also needs some rest from time to time. I hope he’s not injured. I wish I could pamper him. 😉

  3. This Smackdown segment between Punk & Rey was AWESOME, I have to agree with SARAH. Punker cannot get any hotter……This is killing me, literally….;) Did anyone notice that Serena had false eye lashes/ extensions?

  4. You seem to be well-informed about Beth’s life. Yeah maybe he’s taking care of her or could it be a mere coincidence?
    Punk looks ssoooo tired..he needs a holiday somewhere in the sun and so do I.

  5. Yes Emma, well informed that’s me. I think I said it before on the forum. I’m always informed about things I’m interested in. I check out the WWE superstars twitter main site on a regular basis to see what’s going on and Beth also writes so that is where I get some info from. And besides I’m jealous….LMAO 😉 I don’t think they are together……but then again Beth keeps mentioning people who are friends with Punker, hmm why should I care…..

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  7. – CM Punk was given a rare weekend off this past Saturday and Sunday. Company sources indicate it was a planned weekend off and not due to him being injured.

    Luke Gallows and the mystery man recently seen assisting the Straight Edge Society on television worked while he was a away. The mystery man’s name was not indicated as he was still treated as a mystery member of the Straight Edge Society.


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