Smackdown Results: Unleased and uncovered


Moments after Big Show interrupted The Straight Edge Society – revealing a giant, reinforced ladder that he plans to use to win the SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match this Sunday – the S.E.S. attacked him with united fury. The World’s Largest Athlete soon regrouped, disposing of both Luke Gallows and the hooded stranger before trapping The Second City Saint on top of his ladder. Then, climbing up to meet him, Big Show ripped off CM Punk’s mask, finally revealing Punk’s shaved head to the WWE Universe.

17 Comments on “Smackdown Results: Unleased and uncovered”

  1. Loved the segment. Thought is commentary thru out the whole thing was really good. Than his facial expressions. Soo amazing.

  2. I thought he was cute before but he’s really hot with the shaved head. I love it.

  3. I know Punk look so excellent-ly Sexy with out any hair ! never been able to say that before about a man but he still gots it with out it !

    Punk was so witty and funny on the mic , he has such a grate voice ! An his one liners are so amusingly clever! I think they should let punk have his own talk segment on SmackDown . He could so act the role of interviewer ! Has the smile for it for sure!

  4. You’re welcome, darlin’ 🙂

    His promos always crack me up, but this one was especially good 😀 His smiles are awesome. I’m so glad we get to see his handsome face again, even though the mask was sexy in its own way.

  5. I totally agree with you Ariane, again =)
    Yeah, you’re right, his smiles are awesome…. Viva CM Punk =)

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