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A huge thank you to Katy for donating pictures along with her detailed event of what happened for this weeks Smackdown.

unk opened up SmackDown. He did a promo about us being drug users, him not. He said other things but it was hard to hear because of the booing. The last thing he got to do was challenge someone (I think is what he said), but nobody came out because, as he said, “Nobody’s left.” The lights went out and a bunch of druids came down with a casket. Punk ran out of the ring and got a chair. He kept hitting the casket with it then finally lifted the lid. Teddy was inside. Punk dragged him out and untied/ungagged him. Teddy told him that as of that moment, the Hell’s Gate was no longer banned, that Punk would defend his title in Hell in a Cell, and that he would face Undertaker tonight.

The match was really good, lots of outside action. The end came when they were on the outside by the announcers. I don’t know if Punk was going for his title or a chair, but Taker stopped him. Taker took off the top of the announce table and was about to give Punk a Last Ride on it. By this time the ref is up to an 8 or 9 count. Punk got away, shoved Taker and ran into the ring. Taker got back in the ring right after the 10 count, so Punk won via count out. That ended Smackdown.

After that, Taker ran to the back and grabbed Punk. They came back to the ring where Taker gave him a Chokeslam and a Tombstone. That was it!

Fabiola   Sep 24, 2009