SOTD and Bio Picture

Now that CM Punk has been unmasked, has updated their website with a new biography picture of Punk. Also, yesterday he was superstar of the day.

16 Comments on “SOTD and Bio Picture”

  1. OMG!!! I am just in love with this beautiful man! Just gorgeous with or without hair!! He is soooooo amazing!! I love him! I just do!! 😀

  2. They should just make him Super Star of the Month ! The New one with the yellow trunks is my new all time Favorite 🙂 He looks so Hunky !

  3. hola cm punk es el mejor de la wwe el mejor q john cena y q todos es nuestro salvador cm punk es super fan num 1 de cm punk : dany bye

  4. cm punk i dont know why is it always you that needs to find a girl who do likes chery pie and wine also i have to find you to murder a guy just a drunk for the fact that im a spy oh why i feel like i am a murderer of your good side and i need your help but why did you cheat on me last year you were looking at me and telling me that you were going to win the royal rumble but you didnt so i had to cry when you knew that im such a jerk

  5. ps i found out there is a new girl who is on youtube. her name is jordie covill and she is one hell of a diva herself.zariah please make sure you get what im saying but also dany ses liz and ncha i hope like this idea

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