Summerslam Results: CM Punk comes out on top


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  1. me parese q sos uno de los mejores y mas valiente sos un ejemplo para la gente pero no te pongas mas esas bombacha por que te quedan para el orto puto de mierda traga leche, afeminado de mierda anda fumar, tomar y drogarte maricon espero q el undertaker te rompa el culo en el ring y temeta ese titulo entre las nalgas y tambien tus consejos q nadie nesesita. jeff hardy va a volver a ser campeon. siempre lo fue

  2. Punk, you and Jeff were just amazing!
    I was rooting for you to win since I’d heard bout the match, and I was just ecstatic when you reached the top and grabbed the title!
    The end was just fantastic too– I’m really glad you’re getting to work with the Undertaker so early =]
    Congrats on the match!

  3. you did a great job phil!!!

    You are the best wrestler in the world!!

    En todo el mundo… 🙂

    and with the undertaker, please kick his ass away from the WWE!!

  4. That match was SICK! 🙂 Did anyone else actually get to watch it? Congrats to Punk! 😀

    And, does anyone else LOVE his facial expressions?! Haha, the best one is the picture with the Undertaker sitting up and Punk’s looking down at him… too classic. 🙂 Love Punk!

  5. congrats to cm punk
    jeff’s gone
    taker’s back
    i’m just speechless and overwelmed with tears right now

  6. cami me to and who liked the new trunks he had on i know i did he looked so hot in them and i cant stop looking at the photos of cm punk did you see the photo when jeff riped the t.v moniter out of the announce table and hit cm with it jefff was just mad thats all and what did jeff mean when he said its cm punks time but jeff was right about it eing cm punks time thats my babby and the man of my dreams and my sexy trddy bear

  7. Oh….. my…. god!!! What a match! Both CM Punk and Hardy did a hell of a job! Taker really surprised me! Can’t wait for smackdown, wow, i’m still chocked… Congrats to Punk

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