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WWE Chief Operating Officer and special guest referee Triple H guaranteed that an Undisputed WWE Champion was indeed crowned at SummerSlam. Yet, much to the surprise of the sold-out crowd packed inside the STAPLES Center, neither CM Punk nor John Cena would raise the coveted prize high above their head at the end of the night.

After a series of near-falls in this competitive clash, The Second City Savior nailed The Cenation Commander-in-Chief with a second Go to Sleep to pick up the pinfall victory – even though Cena’s foot was on the bottom rope. Apparently not noticing that Cena had broken the hold by reaching the ropes, The Game made the three-count.

As Punk celebrated his contentious victory in one of the biggest matches in WWE history, Triple H’s longtime friend Kevin Nash – unseen in a WWE ring since the 2011 Royal Rumble Match – emerged from the crowd and leveled the tattooed Superstar with a ring-shaking Jackknife Powerbomb before making a hasty exit. Dazed, Punk was helpless as Alberto Del Rio seized his destiny by successfully cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on the battle-weary Undisputed WWE Champion. After nailing a prone Punk with a devastating kick to the skull, Del Rio pinned his shoulders to the canvas to capture the title.

Del Rio wound up on the losing side of an explosive Six-Man Tag Team Match earlier in the night, but that defeat didn’t distract the moneyed Mexican from attaining the championship glory he has long felt destined for. Del Rio knew that following Nash’s assault, Punk would be unable to repel his cash-in attempt as he had done less than a month earlier at WWE Money in the Bank. With his well-timed enziguri, Del Rio not only sealed a WWE Championship victory, but used his Money in the Bank winnings to defeat the sole Superstar to parlay Money in the Bank victories into World Title wins two years in a row.

After weeks of escalating animosity between Cena and Punk – two Superstars who couldn’t possibly be more different from one another in terms of in-ring style and personal ideals – the simultaneous WWE Title holders gave it their all as they vied to become the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion at The Biggest Event of the Summer. In the end, The Straight Edge Superstar put the Cenation leader to bed with a Go to Sleep, emerging victorious just three weeks after his controversial return to Raw with the WWE Title in hand shook the WWE Universe to its core. This victory would similarly generate buzz throughout the WWE Universe, but for once, Punk wasn’t the catalyst.

After both Cena and Punk voiced their disagreement with Triple H’s call, The Game’s Kliq cohort Nash – himself a former WWE Champion – charged the ring and made short work of The Second City Savior, leaving him vulnerable to The Mexican Aristocrat’s calculated Money in the Bank cash-in that made Del Rio the ninth “Mr. Money in the Bank” to use his guaranteed title opportunity – which for one calendar year can be redeemed at the time and place of the winner’s choosing – to win a World Championship.

Del Rio’s dubious but nevertheless legitimate WWE Championship triumph is the latest success in an incredible landmark year for The Mexican Aristocrat, whose previous accomplishments included winning a grueling 40-Man Royal Rumble Match in January and besting seven elite Superstars in a high-risk Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match in July. Following those two remarkable accomplishments, it was only a matter of time before the egotistical Superstar captured WWE’s richest and most illustrious prize. But few could have anticipated the method by which Del Rio’s destiny would be fulfilled.

Was Triple H aware that the monstrous “Big Sexy” was in attendance at the STAPLES Center? Which former WWE Champion will get a rematch against Del Rio: Cena or Punk? Was The Game truly calling this match down the middle? And what of Stephanie McMahon’s earlier confrontation with Punk earlier in the night? Regardless, the circumstances behind Del Rio’s shocking Money in the Bank-assisted win will have a massive impact on Monday Night Raw in the weeks ahead. But, to steal a line from Del Rio himself, “you already knew that.”

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  1. CM Punk got screwed! He won the match with honor and proved that he is the undisputed champion. If Triple H is smart than he should grant him his well deserved rematch and not let that loud mouth Cena have anything to do with it. Cena had his chance. I hope Punk will raise hell on Raw and i look forward to see that happen and get his title back where it belongs.

  2. I dont know what to say Cena got screwed by Triple H and CM Punk got screwed twice with no vasoline good luck with your rematch Punk.

  3. I just wanted you to know that you are my 3 year old Corwin’s favorite superstar. Last night we let him stay up late to watch you because you were in the last match. After it was over we heard him crying and when we asked him what was wrong. He said he was sad because CM Punk lost his title. I told him that it was fine and that CM Punk would be ok and that he would fight to get his title back. He said “Ok, Mommy” but he was still sniffling when he went to bed. So, even the smaller generation loves you Punk.

  4. I have followed the pro wrestling game for the better part of the past 25 years..I have seen a lot of guy’s come and go,..but very rarely does a performer leave me speechless with a simple act..C.M.Punk did exactly that!The tribute to Randy Savage during last night’s main event,..only went to show me that Punk has a great respect for those legends that paved the way for him..That is something that you just can’t write into a story line..Loosing the title was part of the job,..but that single act was something more personal..Even if C.M.Punk never wins another match again,..he has my respect..Both as a performer,..and as a man. Never change,..and never give into the politics of the business..You have a fan for life!

  5. Very disappointed that this had happened to you CM Punk, but you deserve and should have a rematch clause. Though I can’t wait for Monday Night RAW this week. It seems that John Cena, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, and Rey Mysterio are all superstars caught up in this WWE Championship thing along with Kevin Nash and Triple H being in the back for all of this..

    Hope best works out for you Phillip, you deserve the title!

  6. If HHH is bringing in the Kliq to hold u down, i’m gonna hope u have Sexy Ace Steele and Colt Cabana help get your back. Haha. I don’t understand why Del Rio got thrown into this program beyond WWE going to Mexico City. He’s a bland 80’s style heel , who really brings nothing to the table besides an annoying ring entrance.

  7. It’s epic BS what happened to CM Punk. He is the best in the world, he’s proven that time and again. He’ll prove it again, even though he doesn’t need to. I stopped watching wrestling years ago because of Kevin Nash and CM Punk is seriously the reason I started watching wrestling again. He makes it less of a soap opera and back into a sporting event. He’ll get his title back.

  8. Thanks for trying to fix this broken thing the wwe has become. I believe that you are more than capable…….. its just that I hope you know when to turn that “pipe-bomb” into a nuke. You remember when hhh stated that if a pipebomb goes off and no ones around to hear it does it make a sound? The impact of a nuke can be felt for decades. Just some food for thought.

  9. Who won that one??? Punk, then not Punk, not Cena, not Nash, not Hunter, not the fans, not the WWE (do they want to draw new fans, seriously???) oh, some rich dude at the beginning of his career… bizarre. Actually I felt sorry for both Punk and Cena here… both busted theyre asses in the ring for 25 minutes plus all the prep, all for nothing… very dissapointing… should we concur that this incredible feud is now over before it really hits its peak??? We are just in the stride as I see it… Oh man! 🙁

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