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  1. i have been in love with cm punk since he started wrestling and that was when he was in the iwa ovw and fip and the roh and i still am more in love with cm punk i just want to be with and by his side for the rest of my life

  2. CM Punk is my champion.

    And no, I actually don’t mean that sexually (though obviously there is a “Crafted by the Greek Gods” stamp on him somewhere).

  3. (to cami)

    I don’t know where that stamp might be (though I’d like to find out one day – non-promiscuously, of course). Perhaps I should have used the word “surely” instead of obviously, but – c’mon – the man is gorgeous as mythical sin.

    “C. E.” stands for Complete Epeolatry.

    No, really, they’re my initials. But that former would be wicked cool.

  4. You are not the only ones who would love to see that stamp. It kind of makes you wonder, where it could be?

    CM Punk does have a chiseled body! =) <3

  5. CM Punk is really good looking, that’s for sure. And with him being straight edge makes it even better, and I’ve read some interviews with him, I mean he’s so good, he’s perfect, I would seriously do anything just to meet him, that would be a dream come true. Or even if he answers like a question from me^^

    Btw, I see that he has answerd some questions on this site, can’t he like do it again??

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