Superstar of the Day

CM Punk was superstar of the day on November 8th. Here is the brand new picture has shared for all your punksters.

22 Comments on “Superstar of the Day”

  1. I agree with you girls, the best promo pic of him thus far. And the hairy chest is now ok with me. He’s even more manly and macho. 😉

  2. i will woop cm punks ass no homo plus i beat wtrm on sd vs raw 2010 the day of bragging rights bitches 5 days got it soon it came out fuckes on ledegand haha FUCK BM DRUNK HAHA! straight egde dat shit lots of people are straight edge they just call it clean bitches!

  3. Bitches straight edge gay punk nigga hope you see this cm drunk bring hardy back so he can woop your ass i know another reson why you asked him for that match two actully PUNK!

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