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  1. Nice is in this picture,but I do not like this beard ,he was more beautiful without it

  2. I think it looks very cute and it is the best in the wwe although I agree with several of which would be better if you cut the beard

  3. OMG 6 march was my birthday!
    Phil you are my Everything. really.
    I Love you please back soon in Rome ( Italy )
    I miss you :'(

  4. Why did you need to change your character to resemble that of Charles Manson??? In my opinion the USA doesn’t need another CULT LEADER/MASS MURDERER! Put your photos next to those of Charles Manson, and you can see extreme simularities… you could pass as his younger brother or son. I was a devote fan when your character was good and wholesome. Now I change the channel when you are on. Even your initials are idolizing those of Charles Manson. Your entourage needs more consideration in the portrayal of a wholesome ‘Straight Edge’ Society. I also feel that you are disrespecting the innocent victims and families which were slain by Charles Manson and his followers. Whomever came up with this story line should research as to if this is the professional that you want to be recognized as. I’m wishing and hoping that your character will change! And even though I’m in my early 50’s… I agree that you looked stunning with your beard well trimmed. And your woman looked more feminine with hair, maybe she should consider letting it grow it back a few inches. You’re a great Professional Wrestler!!! Please stop looking and acting like Charles Manson…

  5. oh please shut up, are you gonna go up to people with black beards and say they look like charles manson? The cm in his name, he’s always had, it can stand for anything but it originally stood for chick magnet sometimes cookie monster and other times its chuck mosley, but its never been charles manson. He’s emulating jesus more than anything. Have a look at charles manson now, he’s different from what he was in the 60s or whenever the hell he killed. The only extreme similarity is a beard…so i guess my dad looks like charles manson.

  6. Jesus would never demean or downgrade anyone else, plus the paintings I’ve seen portray Jesus as having light brown hair (not black). I guess it’s all a matter of perception. Thank goodness that we all have freedom to our own opinions. I never intended to sound like all men with black beards are Charles Manson, but I’m waiting for Mr. Punk to have a swastika tatooed on his forehead. I understand that this is a “storyline”, which is why I made reference as to the person who came up with the idea. I liked Mr. Punk more when his character was “Good”. I have read your opinions and have taken them into consideration. I still believe that we do not need another CULT LEADER to be portrayed. I’d prefer to watch his wrestling skills instead of antics.

  7. Quote Rita: Jesus would never demean or downgrade anyone else,

    Now THAT is a TOUGH one to talk about…..

    I’m pretty sure Punk will get a swastika soon…….(pls note this is sarcasm).
    Yes I also rather watch his westling skills but the WWE is also about ENTERTAINMENT and this we sometimes do forget.

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