Superstar of the Day

Sorry guys, I missed this but on September 26th, posted CM Punk as Superstar of the Day. The photo was new and has been added to the gallery.

4 Comments on “Superstar of the Day”

  1. i heard the wwe universe cheering on him cuz he has gone good again thats what your dear friend jordie wanted.i dont know if she will come back but we will see whats happening on this week friday night punk if you read this please solve this mystery and tell me about this girl jordie covill.

  2. i think that the picture with cm punk he looks good i like the yellow trunks that he has one he llooks very handsome and i know that cm punk will bring the ses nation with him to syfy on smackdown so i cant wait to see smackdown go team SES IM STRAIGHT EDGE AND WILL REMAIN STRAIGHT EDGE i will always stay loyal and pure and true i raise my right hand to the sky and say the pldege” i pledge alligiance to the straight edge society, and to the philosophy for which it stands one nation under punk with sobrity and integrity for all” ses i would love to get my head shaved and join the ses im commited to the ses lifestyle i love ses .

  3. name is from iran.
    i love cm punk.
    please sent one E-mail to me
    bye bye.tank you

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