Superstar of the Day, New Biography Pictures

While they are almost similar pictures, it’s just different angles. CM Punk is superstar of the day and there is a new bio page. You don’t get a glimpse of Punk’s hair since the shave but Punk in his mask.

7 Comments on “Superstar of the Day, New Biography Pictures”

  1. the ferret, i tend to call it the pube beard…hardy har. *runs away*

  2. I’m Gonna Tell You This
    I Was A Big Fan Of WWE Like One Year Ago… After 13 Years Of Being A Fan

    Now Again I Started Watching Sometimes The WWE
    And I Can See The WWE Is Getting More Illuminati Will All These Things

    John Cena With The 666 Finger
    And Now CM Punk With The Devil Thing And Secret Society Thing
    No, This Is Completely Bullshit!

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