Superstar Results: Eye give up

Unfortunately for the WWE Universe, the night ended on a sour note, as Edge was awarded the victory after CM Punk forfeited due to seemingly injuring the same eye he did in his title defense against Jeff Hardy at The Bash. Throughout most of the match, things looked to be going The Straightedge Superstar’s way, as he used his well-trained kicks to break down The Rated-R Superstar. When it seemed as if everything was in line, Punk had Edge up on his shoulders for the Go To Sleep, but The Ultimate Opportunist slid out of it, raking the World Heavyweight Champion’s eyes. After a few minutes favoring his eye in the corner, Punk waved his arms signaling that he could not fight on. As Josh Mathews asked Punk after the match while he was being checked on by trainers, the real question is: Would Punk have been willing to just give up if the gold was on the line?

9 Comments on “Superstar Results: Eye give up”

  1. Nothing wrong with the eye, it’s just a part of his heel turn. Great match!

  2. hey what ever you dont know for sure about cm punks eye i know cm and i have seen him wrestl since he started wrestling and thats why back when he was in the fip so i dont know him like i do and jeffy likes like a ass hole wiyh his face painted

  3. jeffy should not make fun of cm punk all jeffy wanted to do was make cm punk like bad and thats not right or funny jeffy looks like a ass hole with his face painted

  4. To say CM Punk should have rightfully won that tag team match. Its just an unfortune that he lost. But still it was a good JOB cm punk. YOU ROCK CM PUNK!!!!!!!

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