Survivor Series Preview: Team Kingston vs. Team Orton

On Raw, Kofi Kingston has proven time and time again that he is one of the most exciting young ring warriors in WWE, and is truly a Superstar to watch. But in our nation’s capital, he’ll have one of the biggest matches of his career as he and his team go up against the squad of Randy Orton in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match.

In addition to R-Truth on the side of Kingston and the devious CM Punk teaming up with Orton, two of the top competitors in the Land of the Extreme, ECW Champion Christian and William Regal are also joining the fray. For months, The British Brawler has struggled to get the upperhand against Captain Charisma, and he might just have that chance when he joins up with Team Orton to face the ECW Champion and the rest of Team Kingston in a 10-Man Tag Team Match.

Don’t miss the epic confrontation between Team Kingston (Kofi Kingston, MVP, Mark Henry, ECW Champion Christian & R-Truth) and Team Orton (Randy Orton, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase & William Regal) at the 23rd annual Survivor Series on Nov. 22, at 8/7 CT, live on pay-per-view.

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  1. Lets hope Punk gets more ringtime in this one than in the smackdown anniversary show. Like the team he’s on though, looking forward to seeing the outcome

  2. im crying because he lost the casket match i want him so much i feel sorry for him by leaving him alone all on his own but he is sad with these empty tears to make me sad for all these 3 years since he never come back for me so thats why ill still be on his side but now i know that is the truth its all about us just me and him

  3. i know the truth about cm punk i know 7 things about him he had a brother he goes dating 2 girlfriends lita and maria he went to lockport township high school he had been raised by his mum and dad he does not drink beer smoke on cigar or do drugs its all i know for now oh my god so embarassing it is so scary to see into the 3rd dimension but its called 3d

  4. to Nicole do you tink that team orton is going to win because they have an awsome team or just because punk is on the team

  5. To pUnK fReAk:
    Because they have a better team, if you think about it, Orton have done good job in the past Survivor Series matches, he’s usually the soul-survivor.

    The Legacy, all three of them sure knows how to wrestle and they’re smart!
    William Regal, he’s been wrestling for a while now, although it wouldn’t surprise me if he got eliminated first.. don’t think William is the most popular star so that’s why
    And then we have Punk, that’s all I have to say about Punk, you all know how amazing he is 😉

    To Jordie:
    CM Punk used to date Maria, not anymore. It’s Lita now.

  6. thanks nicole but i dont have a clue why they broke up ps i like it how they kiss i mean mr punks face was like red hot or he could not breathe for that matter lol and omg but he does have a secret from maria they are on the same brand its the same thing she gets hot then she finds a boy and she goes ding oh well good night

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