Survivor Series Results: Tick-tick-BOOM!


Team Kingston and Team Orton had a lot going for them heading into their Elimination Tag Team Match, as both squads were comprised of some of the most talented Superstars that SmackDown, Raw and ECW had to offer. Just how evenly-matched the contest was became clear as the night progressed, with each team losing a member one by one until only Kingston was left on his side. Suddenly, however, the situation had swung firmly in his opponents’ favor, as Team Orton boasted two eligible competitors: CM Punk and The Viper himself.

Not one to be deterred by stiff odds, Kingston fought onward against SmackDown’s CM Punk, pinning The Straightedge Superstar after a hard-fought series of near-falls for both competitors. As soon as Punk was vanquished however, Orton was ready to spring into action. Though The Viper might have boasted more in-ring experience than Kingston, the athletic young Superstar showed that he has just what it takes to compete on WWE’s highest level. Leaping into the air and immediately connecting with Trouble in Paradise, the rising star defeated Orton to win the match for his team, pinning two former World Champions in the span of six seconds.

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  2. Actually enjoyed this match, was pleased to see Punk get his fair share of ring time, don’t think there ever was any doubt about the outcome, but an entertaining match nonetheless.
    Where is everyone, kinda lonely in here…. come back people! 🙂

  3. I think this is the point for the lack of interest and turn-out for comments here, no-one bought it. If WWE wants people to buy their pay-per-views then they have to promote Punk’s involvement or possible involvement in that event, increase the interest in us wanting to buy it. Weeks prior to this Punk had been treated like crap by the WWE and given mid-card rubbish, his fans, his people are simply not interested, so interest in buying pay-per-views declines. WWE needs to look after CM Punk if they want Punks fans to buy their pay events.

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