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Just like he did at Extreme Rules, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk crushed Jeff Hardy’s dreams of donning the Heavyweight Title. However on this night, it was a mere matter of inches that separated Hardy from gold.

Hardy thought he finally achieved what he had been scratching and clawing for when it appeared he had scored the pinfall over Punk. However, after closer inspection by the referee, it was determined Punk’s foot was under the bottom rope and was out of bounds.

Hardy was beyond frustrated.

After the action was restarted, Punk kicked the referee in the back, resulting in a disqualification. In one fell swoop Punk dropped the ref and crushed Hardy’s hopes.

After the match, as both Superstars exited the ring, Jeff Hardy went after Punk in complete and utter frustration. Hardy forced Punk into the ring, where he launched into a vicious assault. It took three referees to stop Hardy from his crazed attack. At one point, Hardy broke free and continued his attack on the champion. The melee ended when the crazed Hardy was finally corralled by the referees.

The night was the culmination of months of brooding frustration within Hardy.

The way in which Punk won at The Bash was just another example of the selfish behavior the champion has exhibited ever since Extreme Rules.

At Extreme Rules, Jeff Hardy was triumphant over Edge in a career-threatening World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match. But then, in the blink of an eye, it was all over when Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Hardy.

Then, on Raw’s special 3-For-All, Punk put his title up against both Hardy & Edge in a Triple Threat Match. Hardy looked to once again close-in on victory over The Rated-R Superstar. However, Punk blocked Hardy’s path to glory, hurling him away from the win to cover Edge himself and retain the title.

Will Punk’s win at The Bash crush Hardy’s spirits for good? How much longer will he persist in his hunt for gold? Will he ever give up?

Fabiola   Jun 29, 2009