The Champ Is Here

CM Punk posted three pics on twitter, showing what he has been doing with the title since winning it last night. The fourth picture is from writer Jon Greenberg, who posted a pic of Punk at the Cubs game today. You can view the photos here.

7 Comments on “The Champ Is Here”

  1. Congratulations!!!!!!
    Sincerely, when I first saw you on ECW I thought “He will reach the top”, and you did it. I’m proud of you, and you deserve WWE Championship.
    Now, you are the second Triple WWE Champion (The name is mine, i mean ECW, WHC and WWE Championships). Just after Kane.

    I will miss you in WWE roster…
    (sorry for my bad English)

  2. you did it bro n you deserve it becuse you showed it …..all the best for your future hope you will continue playing stay blessed greetings from SRILANKA…………

  3. i’m very interesting about the new design of belt…
    you’ve said you’ll change it if you win the match

  4. Well since you need a job CM and the Cubs sure could use some help I just have to ask

    Can you pitch?

  5. great match congrats on winning the title at MITB Take some time off to relax and go on a vacation

  6. Punk is coming back. Bet on it. He has something that belongs to the WWE. The BELT!!!

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