“The UK Sun” Interview With CM Punk

WWE champion CM Punk was interviewed by The UK Sun over the weekend, discussing a number of topics, including:

The Rock: “Anybody that doesn’t want to wrestle The Rock is pretty foolish. He’s not around a lot, so to get an opportunity to wrestle him, it’s a slim chance. I might have a shot at him at the Royal Rumble if I get past John Cena, and that right now is my goal. The Rumble is a while away, but hopefully I stay the champ until then.”

The Rock’s return: “Rock being back, I guess, puts a lot of eyes on our product. In that respect it’s a good thing. I have a lot of pride in what I do, and I’m proud of the WWE, and their superstars and divas that are on the road 365 days a year. It’s a very cold business, it’s a very ‘what have you done for me lately?’ business. When somebody walks in and gets afforded opportunities that people are in line for and people are busting their ass for, you’re damn right I’m going to get pissed off about it. It’s only logical; it isn’t sour grapes. It isn’t whining. It’s a fact. I said it, I was vocal about it. I said it to his face. That’s just the kind of guy I am. Listen, if I disappear for 5-8 years and I come back, I only hope there is someone as angry and as hungry, with a chip on their shoulder, just like me, to tell me the same thing: ‘Hey, I can do everything you’re doing, and I’m doing it every day.’ I don’t hate The Rock, I don’t hate Dwayne. There honestly aren’t any hard feelings, there’s nothing anything personal. It has motivated me to work harder and to prove everybody wrong. That’s what I do.”

His DVD: “I definitely had the last say in what matches went on there. When I saw the story and how it edited together, I wanted to pick matches that accentuate that story. I watched it with a couple of friends of mine. It’s pretty bizarre; it’s like I’m at my own funeral. It’s all these people I love and respect on there talking about me and seeing my entire career on a WWE DVD. It’s surreal.”

To read the entire interview, click here.

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  1. i agree all that punk said… keep it up punk… you aren’t wrong and really the best in the world

  2. People who use to be cm punk fans and probably are NOT anymore probably wouldnt understand that. You’d have to be a cm punk fan to understand where punk is coming from where his heart is and wat he believes in. I am a cm punk fan and I he is right. I agree punk. And thats wat makes him the best in the world and always will be. He knows wat he’s saying. BEST IN THE WORLD!

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