The ‘Voice of the Boston Celtics’ reviews ‘CM Punk: Best in the World’

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  1. Sweat potatoe ass Nigga, you too scared of facing John Cena at Hell in a Cell Nigga cuz you know that Nigga’s gon kick your ass all over the place,

    and now Ryback is on your ass, i watched that show when you said (you never ran away from any fight and you never will) but few minutes later, you ran away from Ryback, THAT, THAT FELLA WAS EMBARRASING HEY!
    i was one of your great fans but you dissapointed me when you started demanding respect from your own fans, that was crazy Nigga,

    DO US (your fans) A FAVOUR BUDDIE AND GET IN THAT RING, RUN THROUGH JOHN CENA, then you’ll become the best in the world, THE PUNK WE KNOW,

    NO OFFENSE THOUGH, you’re one of the greatest fighters,

  2. Dude, YOU’RE THE MOST DISRESPECTFUL FIGHTER IN THE WORLD! I’m SURE that you and your creepy friend gave money to that f***in referee! It’s TOTALY UNFAIR! How you dare to FORCE people give you respect when you are DISRESPECTFUL yourself! WHAT A SHAME! I liked you but not any more! After this, as I already said, YOU ARE THE MOST DISRESPECTFUL IN THE WHOLE WWE UNIVERSE!

  3. whew the above comments take this way too seriously. Talking about “suspension of disbelief”. Well I guess someone is doing something right Punk or creative.

  4. Goddamn, the kayfabe is strong with this one. If nothing else, it proves the power of heel Punk.

    “Vince, what’s the challenge?” indeed.

  5. The kayfabe appears to be strong on this one because WWE’s demographic at this point is reduced to dullards and 10 year olds. They’re not too hard to work up. The storyline in terms of being a storyline sucks. Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries is more exciting than Punk vs. Ryback, and that’s sad to say.
    Wrestling is really going down the tubes. If you go back and watch through the stellar Mick Foley storyline of the late 1990’s, from the interview with J.R. to the emergence of sympathy for Mankind to the debut of Dude Love, to Foley becoming jealous of Austin and selling out to Vince, to realizing that he’d been used by Vince, to becoming the “confused” Mankind to eventually taking the belt from The Rock, you’ll see great long-term characterization and a compelling story.
    Or look at Austin’s rise—or ECW’s great work with Taz and Sabu—or even Jim Cornette reintroducing the NWA championship and trotting out Jeff Jarrett to defend it against the likes of Windham and Bradshaw in “horribly” old-school matches. The s*it was entertaining. Once Vince became the only game in town, everything went downhill. Punk reinvigorated the entire business last year for as long as it took to hotshot what could have been a great story, protect Cena by stultifying the great conflict that could have been–(rebel face Punk taking on establishment heel Cena), and HHH inserting himself into a hot story with no reason other than to preserve his farcical image of himself as a “legend” that nobody over 12 or with an I.Q. over 90 has ever cared much about—–annnnd….yeah.
    I check in once in a while to see what wretched turn the company has taken—mostly through news and short Youtube clips. I stopped watching RAW altogether a few months ago. I don’t think I’m alone. It’s a shame, because I love wrestling and would love to come back as a supportive fan, but there isn’t anything compelling these days. Watching IMPACT every four or five weeks is the most I watch these days, and even that is fading. I wish there was something out there that a wider and more discerning audience could invest in, but there isn’t. All that’s left is to to watch shows and PPVs from years ago, and enjoy a glimpse back at when things were more creative, intelligent and dynamic.
    Raven and Dreamer fighting over Beulah and the fallout of their childhood time together at summer camp is better than the current crap.

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