The WHAT of personality??

Something is a little off in this version of CM Punk’s entrance video. Take a look.

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  1. The etymology of the word Satan starts with a Hebrew word which means most closely “To obstruct, or to oppose. Simply, it means “Enemy”.
    A noble venture if viewed from the right perspective.
    The association of the goat with Satan started towards the tail end of Crusades, and took form in a goat like figure of Satan called “Baphomet”, which was a bastardization of “Mahomet”, which was a European screw-up of the name “Mohammed”. Enemies of the Knights Templar, who had grown to be an economic and political power in Europe throughout the course of the Crusades, accused the Templars of worshipping idols of the goat Baphomet in the Inquisition which saw their order driven underground at the hands of monarchs, most significantly Philip “The Fair”, of France, who wanted to usurp Templar power and steal their “treasure”, which was supposed to be the source of their great wealth. Of course, the main point of this accusation is that they were worshipping the god of the Muslims, who were supposed to be their enemies.
    So again, we go back to “Enemy”.
    The mass arrest order for the Templars, after which they were subjugated to torture and death was Friday the 13th, 1307, the probable origin of the superstition of Friday the 13th being unlucky, although some dispute this.

    In the last century, H.P. Lovecraft, the progenitor of modern horror, created a character important to the Cthulu mythos named Nyarlathotep, named among other things, The Goat With A Thousand Young—an instigator, an obstructor, a trickster, and the herald of Azathoth, the Center of the Void, whose presence is accompanied by the discordant flute playing of blind pipers. Nyarlathotep is a corruptor of men who makes way for the return of the Old Ones—When mankind has become as wild and free and amoral as the Old Ones Themselves, then the great city of R’lyeh shall rise above the waves, and the Great Priest Cthulu shall awake from his slumber, where he waits dreaming, and he shall rule this world once again. This story is the basis of the Metallica song from Master of Puppets called “The Thing That Should Not Be.” Cliff Burton was a great fan of Lovecraft, also inspiring “The Call of Ktulu”, name changed for legal reasons.

    Instead of focusing your urge to be the Enemy on illiterate twitter posters and dumb fans—why not become The Enemy of the forces which truly hold you back? The masses are malleable, as they always have been. Only fools seek their approval, when they will simply approve whatever they are told to by what they recognize as the great Authority on the matter. One can use this to ill advantage, as Josef Goebbels did, or Vince McMahon does–or one can use this power responsibly and for good purpse, as Martin Luther King did, or Che Guevara did, or even Jim Morrison or Joe Strummer did.
    If you want to be The Enemy, if you want to be The Goat, if you want to take that hatred and anger that has made you even hate wrestling and use it to good purpose—then BE the Enemy. BE the Goat. Direct and focus that anger and aggression and hatred where it belongs. Destroy them. While you have the power of relevancy, you have the power to do so. Do not go along. Screw them over—let people know that you’re screwing them over. Let them hate you. Bathe in it as Elizabeth Bathory used to bathe in the blood of virgins and her own enemies.
    Metaphorically of course. Wrestling, flim, books, comics, etc, etc.—these are evolved ways for us to metabolize the savagery and struggle that defines our last evolutionary step previous to this one which required us to be savage and brutal to survive. The fictionalization of these struggles and this savagery allows us a form to create a catharsis for us to exercise our intellect—the only thing that will take us to the next step, to think about the issues and problems inherent to our struggle. When in a fight—nothing is learned. To STAGE a fictional fight for a story allows all to THINK about the issues involved. To metabolize it. To achieve an understanding of the causes, outcomes, consequences and the eventual implications about who we are and who we would like to be. Story is metabolization and progression.
    The masses, unfortunately, will listen to and metabolize ANY story they are given, and the truly malevolent use this to sway them in ways that are beneficial to no one. Then those who are the Enemy to that malevolence grow tired, and begin to blame the masses for their inability to think for themselves, instead of those who have manipulated that inability to persuade them towards negative thoughts, emotions and reactions.
    If we accept the malleability of the masses as simply what it is, and do not become frustrated with them for simply what they are, then we can usurp the reins of power over them and influence them in the way that we want—to first make them oppose and obstruct the old structure, and then to accept and adhere to our new one. True good and evil—not the Juedo-Christian myth and fiction—is the choice of whether to use this power beneficially or not.

    Oppose. Obstruct. Be The Enemy—not simply another tool of a false paradigm. Create a new paradigm. Destroy.

  2. Also…
    It is to be hoped that the apparent “challenge” issued by Chris Jericho and accepted by Paul Heyman is not an actual work, but an attempt by WWE to do damage control in the case that Punk really has left.
    It should be fairly obvious that a match with Jericho, after his Fandango pandering and silly dance routines, can do nothing but make sure that Punk comes back to be relegated forever to unimportance.
    At this point, all is not lost, but would be in the above case. Punk walked out after mistaken booking which put two old stars over the guy that the company should be looking to to be the next “old guy”. However, if Punk keeps away, then a dialouge can be opened of how stupid it was of WWE to do this, at the very least in the Undertaker’s case. If Punk is to appear as accepting this blatant misuse and selling off of the future for a short term gain, and coming back to have a match with a man who although he is referred to as a “legend”, has lately been tainted booking-wise by doing enhancement for McMahon’s stupidest idea since Mantaur—then Punk is going to be the big loser in that situation, even if he wins.
    As it stands—people are not happy with Ryback and Cena. Punk’s absence and uncertain future are generating more interest than this lackluster feud. Unless WWE were to completely push someone like Moxley, which they won’t, Cena doesn’t even have any opponents after Ryback that people will care about.
    THIS is the time that Punk can really screw over WWE by doing to them what was done to him during his title reign. Punk can now make himself bigger than the title, just as Cena was booked to be bigger than the title during Punk’s reign.
    The first step to this is to not come back to a match with Chris Jericho. It is cheap, stupid, and a step down.
    Perhaps some independently released Youtube videos with Punk lambasting the forces at WWE keeping him down. Or something along these lines. I am sure that “views” for such things would be fairly high fairly quickly, and they’ll look better if they come from Punk himself and not from anything with anything to do with WWE. Perhaps Cabana or even someone like Samoa Joe sitting in on the rant, which could segue nicely into a larger theme of wrestling’s entire current generation being misused and mortgaged off because of people like McMahon, and those like Hogan, who closely follow his model.
    The main point would be to beat John Cena by not even wrestling him. By pointing out his irrelevancy and the fact that while he may be a nice guy, or so we’re told, that he is obviously NOT the face of WWE, as we are always propagandized, because viewership continues to decline, people are unhappy with both him having the title and the quality of his current feud—and now Punk is not around—he cannot be blamed for the lack of ratings anymore as he was before. In fact, it appears as if WWE is to blame as a company for lack of ratings, and in fact Punk was keeping them propped up even to the small degree that they were doing better statistically before he walked out.
    This is pretty simple stuff, and can be handled in any number of ways.
    The main point, if Punk has any fire or pride left—he’d better stay the hell away from coming back against Chris Jericho. It will waste the buzz that was built around his absence—it will destroy the last shred of his mystique as far as people knowing that he really could be “the best in the world” if WWE would let him run free, and it would permanently put him much farther down the pecking order than he needs to be to be beneficial to wrestling’s long-term future.

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