Tribute to the Troops 2009 results


Dressed in camouflage from his mask to his pants, Rey Mysterio joined Mark Henry to form a dynamic tag team against CM Punk & Carlito. Showing an awesome mix of power and finesse, The Master of the 619 & The World’s Strongest Man utilized their diversity to outlast their opponents in front of the spirited U.S. servicemen.

But what made their teamwork even more special was that they found a way to synchronize a pin against their challengers. Following a 619 by Mysterio on both opponents, Henry connected on the World’s Strongest Slam on Carlito and Mysterio dialed up a frog splash on The Straightedge Superstar to simultaneously pin each foe.

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  1. Yeah the Ska-band music was good (still is). Selecter and Madness come to my mind. I always liked Selecter.

  2. You should listen to the first faith no more album with chuck mosley, its one of my favourites, he such a bad singer but kinda good in a way.

  3. chuck mosley? you don’t even know him, arsebucket. That’s your new name, arsebucket, i can change it to arsebiscuit or even fannycraddock. Pick a name. 😀

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