Tribute to the Troops 2009 results


Dressed in camouflage from his mask to his pants, Rey Mysterio joined Mark Henry to form a dynamic tag team against CM Punk & Carlito. Showing an awesome mix of power and finesse, The Master of the 619 & The World’s Strongest Man utilized their diversity to outlast their opponents in front of the spirited U.S. servicemen.

But what made their teamwork even more special was that they found a way to synchronize a pin against their challengers. Following a 619 by Mysterio on both opponents, Henry connected on the World’s Strongest Slam on Carlito and Mysterio dialed up a frog splash on The Straightedge Superstar to simultaneously pin each foe.

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  1. Hmm no Luke Gallows .Cena wasnt supposed to be champion. He lost the title to sheamus at TLC .. or thats what i heard.No i know the internet dosnt lie …
    I was disapointed that Punk lost but you dont usually get to see Cm Punk on a Monday do you ? No so you have to be happy ? Dont you? Yes.

  2. to xsophiex, tribute was recorded before TLC I understand, hence cena still being champ. I was disappointed in Punk’s lack of coverage on the show too. If you skipped all the cena pats its lasted about 10 minutes long!!
    to Ellen, hiya hope your doing ok 🙂 . I love the unshaven looks its so much more natural than the smooth face an baby oil thing! lol 🙂 Personally love to see punk remain an heel for as long as poss, he plays the part so well.

  3. im not this hard on him cami its just that i want to know if he won or lost the match in iraq for a bad guy getting his butt kicked so next time you and i must have it easy

  4. Ellen EMOO Brooks: Well, you don’t know that. He actually prefers heel over face. He’s also said that Punk Haters are hilarious, so he’s not really offended by haters.

    It really sucks that he lost. But it’s scripted, so you can’t really be angry, the superstars are told to win or lose.

  5. I lol at these comments.I was wondering also does Punk have a choice to shave or not?
    hmm. Oh i see he must not have had luke gallows on the straight edge side then .

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