UFC 181: CM Punk Interview

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  1. I’m very happy for you, CM Punk! I look forward to seeing the build-up towards your first fight, and the actual match. I won’t say good luck. Let’s just say Excelsior! To victory!

  2. So excited! Bummed you aren’t on social to get the love from fans. But I can totally understand. It was an exciting announcement. Hopefully Dana has your first fight in Chicago at United Center…I gotta save those pennies for cageside!

  3. Congrats cm punk in your new career I’ve been a fan if yours since day one I can’t wait to see u in the octagon and writing marvel comic books kick ass in the fights I love u 4ever #BestInTheWorld #ufc #UFCGotStraightEdge @wwe loss and @ufc gain I’m so pumped and who’s he going to fight in his debut. ?????????????????????????????????????????

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