Vengeance Preview: Triple H & CM Punk vs. The Miz & R-Truth

The Miz and R-Truth are once again legally contracted WWE Superstars and will face off against WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H – the man who fired them – and his partner CM Punk – the man who insulted The Game and his entire family.

We’ve always said anything can happen in WWE and this match proves it!

Ironically, The Second City Savior leaving with the WWE Championship at SummerSlam in July started a domino effect of anarchy that ultimately led to the WWE Board of Directors relieving Mr. McMahon of his day-to-day duties as WWE Chairman and appointing Triple H as Chief Operating Officer of WWE.

Punk was no easier for The Game to manage than he was for Mr. McMahon to manage. The war of words between CM Punk and Triple H escalated exponentially on a weekly basis. Their mutual animosity came to a head at Night of Champions when the COO traded in his suit and tie for his tights and boots to try and silence the self-proclaimed “Voice of The Voiceless” at Night of Champions.

Because of interference from Kevin Nash, The Miz and R-Truth, neither The Cerebral Assassin nor Punk truly achieved satisfaction; their rivalry remained unresolved. The situation became even more tumultuous on Raw the following evening when the COO fired The Miz and R-Truth. Even unemployed, The Awesome Truth continued to make life miserable for Triple H when they crashed the WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, assaulted two referees, cameramen and Superstars, ending their assault only when confronted by police officers who restrained them and removed them from the cell. However, while being walked out of the arena with their hands bound behind them, COO Triple H could no longer keep his composure and attacked a defenseless conspiracy theorists.

Miz and Truth responded with a lawsuit and the majority of WWE Superstars, Divas, referees and announcers responded with a vote of no confidence in COO of WWE Triple H and fearing for their safety, walked off Monday Night Raw SuperShow, vowing to extend the walkout to SmackDown and all WWE events if The Game did not relinquish his day-to-day duties as COO.

As defiant as an executive as he is as a Superstar, Triple H vowed not to step down and the result was the WWE Board of Directors again interjecting itself, this time relieving Triple H of his governance over Raw and appointing Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis as interim Raw General Manager.

Laurinaitis wasted no time in rehiring The Miz and R-Truth, who ended their first night back on Raw SuperShow once again attacking CM Punk until none other than The King of Kings charged the ring and went after The Awesome Truth with a Vengeance.

Appropriately, at the pay-per-view event bearing that very name, unlikely allies Triple H and CM Punk will fight side by side against the Miz and Truth in one of the most unexpected yet anticipated tag team matches in WWE history. Can The Straight Edge Superstar and Cerebral Assassin co-exist and prevail or will Miz and Truth continue to make chaos the norm in WWE?

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  1. The best in the world and Triple H gonna kick those children out of the area and make them cry like a baby who misses him mama(about Miz) and like a knowless who choice true instead of false( about the R-truth)… CM Punk is the best!!!!

  2. Punk & HHH are gonna waste Miz & Truth
    (No name calling for me, Punk is my face, but Truth is my second, and Miz is third, but still, I am loyal to the best in the WORLD)

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