Vengeance Results


At Vengeance, WWE’s conspiracy theorists benefited from a much suspected scheme against the Chief Operating Officer, as The Miz & R-Truth defeated Triple H & CM Punk with the abetting of an invading Kevin Nash.

The Game’s ex-best friend parted the crowd in San Antonio and entered the squared circle like he did during Triple H’s clash against Punk at Night of Champions last month. This time, the near 7-foot former WWE Champion directly targeted the WWE COO (who fired Nash on Sept. 5) and dismantled The Cerebral Assassin at ringside – ironically, in the hometown of their fellow Kliq cohort, Shawn Michaels.

With Triple H removed from the equation by the leviathan-like aggressor, Miz & Truth executed a match-snaring double-team on Punk for the pinfall. Nash’s wrath was further wrought with an emphatic Jackknife Powerbomb after the bout’s conclusion, leaving a debilitated COO collapsed in the center of the squared circle.

The tension between The Game and The Voice of the Voiceless was a challenge enough for the pair in their collision with recently reinstated rogues Miz and Truth. Even in the final hours, Triple H and Punk, the respective “doofus” and “internet darling who believes his own hype,” exchanged these exact harsh barbs but also a mutual respect, especially following their No Disqualification Match a month earlier.

The Miz & R-Truth topple CM Punk at VengeanceThe King of Kings and Straight Edge Superstar sought retribution against The “Awesome Truth” for a series of embarrassments and assaults but were instead foiled by a towering assailant named Nash. With a massive victory over Punk and the 13-time World Champion Chief Operating Officer, Miz & Truth ascended to the top of WWE as its most potent tandem. Amid the argued unsafe working conditions and unruliness that is still prevalent, Nash’s intervention has further diluted The Game’s governance as control pours from his forceful grip. He may have refused to quit, step down or walk away, but it’s clear that forces beyond Triple H’s control continue to chip away at his steel-clad resolve.

Can The Game recover from the defeat and the disorder he and his unlikely teammate suffered at Vengeance?

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