Video: Cena Interrupts CM Punk At NXT Taping

WWE has posted video of John Cena interrupting CM Punk at NXT to make a major announcement, which was that Cena will be appearing at NXT on 9/20.  You can watch it by clicking here.

11 Comments on “Video: Cena Interrupts CM Punk At NXT Taping”

  1. john cena needs to take his finger OUT of his ass and show cm punk respect. And stop being so damn jealous too. Its not attractive, NOT that you ever were cena. lol!!!.

  2. Oh and not that anybody doesnt know this but, when john cena interrupted punk during his celebration with rollins that was soooooo beyond rude and yeah very DISrespectful. Who the hell cares where cena’s gonna be on the 2Oth. I sure dont.

  3. Hey hater get a life! Jealousy gets u NOWHERE! If john cena is so damn better then punk he should’ve succusfuly cashed in his money in the bank contract on the raw 1000 episode for which he FAILED @, & cena lost @ this year’s summerslam for which he also FAILED @! So CENA SUCKS! Cm punk is THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Deal w/it!

  4. well Sarah if Big show had not interfered in the CASH IN match between Cena and Punk we wouldve been lookin at Cena as a what, O yeah record breaking 11 time WWE Champ. If you aint down eith that i only have 2 words 4 you, SUCK IT!

  5. well kickiter, if Cena is so good according to YOU why didnt he win @ summerslam this year? It doesnt matter how many people were in that match; Cena probably wasnt fast enough to make the pin. #RESPECT! Oh and thats bullshit when cena told punk that @ noc’s in cena’s home town if punk somehow walks out of noc’s STILL champion he will have cena’s repsect, Cm punk does NOT have to prove shit to cena or ANYBODY! Cm punk works hard every nite to defend his title and he DESERVES RESPECT! Cm punk defeated cena twice b4 how many more chances is this guy gonna get. Looks like cena’s getting frusterated. Hmm…

  6. CM Punk the new king of MemphisTennesse!!! Ha ha Jerry Lawler suck it. You want to go at the WWE champ??? You’ll get put in your place just like the rest of the losers of the WWE. CM Punk is the best in the world, what are you thinking man? The WWE champion should not take a back seat to anyone. CM Punk will still be champion after night of champions. #Respect

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