Video: CM Punk On Fox CT Morning Extra

4 Comments on “Video: CM Punk On Fox CT Morning Extra”

  1. As always, Punk is the gentleman with the two women commentators.
    He is always is being the good guy. Punk will be hitting more mild stones in the near future working on 300 days as champ, 1 million followers on twitter and he is still “The Best Wrestler in the World”. Thanks DJ. Always more excitement daily with the “Champ’.

  2. I just wanna know how this guy is single. Well he’s still single to my knowledge at least. Really though he is such a gentlemen and a sweetheart. I always enjoy watching these interviews because it brings out a whole different side of him. I’m really starting to believe ‘C M’ really stands for chick magnet lol. Best In The World!

  3. Is a very personal fun I love his personality is very well know how to act and show good treatment with no limit and ignore the talk about Daniel is that Daniel has proved quite petty person, it really fits the term punk ” goat face ” i like this concept and i agree with you punk

  4. cm punk is soooooooooooo cute hes like the perfect men i want to know him in person.

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