Video: CM Punk Rates Punk Rock Bands

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  1. Now a lot of people gonna listing to the groups that CM Punk likes and thats make me a little bit angry and sad. Because I listing to punk-rock music when I was 10. and for me you have punk-rock in your blood . People that listing punk rock music for the 1 time only because the people that they are fan AGAIN that people that do that are pathetic (:

  2. Why does it matter how someone discovers music? If they pretend to like it because he does, it’s different.

  3. Okay there will be some people, especially ladies I fear, who think the way to Punk’s heart is through his type of music, that’s a big no no, if I don’t like something I can’t listen to it! No matter how much I love someone if I don’t like it, it goes off. I do actually remember Punk Rock and some of the bands I have liked all my life reference Punk Rock, its had an incredible influence,on music and fashion I’d never heard Rancid although I had heard of them and some of the bands Punk mentions no they don’tdo it for me, but I do like Rancid, and I can hear their influences. The thing is though by mentioning bands he likes, okay there will be some who think its cool to like them because CMPunk does,but there will be some who find its their thing and this is how these bands gain new followers, its how they keep going, for new listeners and for their devoted fans who have been there (like Punk with Rancid and me with my band of choice). So gently, don’t diss those listening to what Punk likes, there will be some who actually find the niche of music which appeals to them the most……
    Sorry I get carried away with music talk……

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