Video: CM PUNK – Sisterhood Of The Traveling Tights – Ep.24

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  1. I sort of understand where cm punk is coming regarding him saying that the wwe never wanted him he wasnt wat the wwe was looking for. Cm punk is honest truthful blunt outspoken brass in your face kind of guy. And yes he also mention that sometimes people percive punk as somewat of a jerk. But wat people dont understand is in the REAL world to get in the proffesional business of wrestling u have to work ur ass off I mean u have to work really hard and practically prove urself day in and nite and cm punk knows all and understand wat hard work and dedication and sacrafice is. Cm punk is also rite when he said hes not like everybody else in wrestling. Hes unique different. The wwe was looking for a john cena kinda guy. Somebody who is as punk keeps putting it bluntly a phony. Cena pretends to be somebody else who the wwe wants. Somebody the wwe universe craves and feeds off. They buy into everything that cena is selling. As for cm punk wat u see is wat u get. Cm punk does NOT pretend to be anybody else. Hes NOT a phony by any means. The fans want punk to be a john cena but, punk is like no thats not who I am Im cm punk and this who Ive always been u dont like it then boo hoo. Id say U GO CM PUNK! BEST IN THE WORLD1! I loved the interview above with cm punk and paul heyman.

  2. I still have a world of respect for CM Punk’s in ring abilities and mic work and he remains one of the most talented guys to ever make it to the big time. I don’t get though the heel turn and Cena being the hero. Punk was overshadowed as champion wasnt he? So why does him saying that now have to make him a schticky heel? Why can’t he be in between? Let Punk fans cheer Punk and Cena fans cheer Cena. It seemed to work last year at MITB. THat was the loudest pop I’d heard since Stone Cold came out to help Mankind beat the Rock for the title—the pop Punk got I mean. Cena got a bad reaction, but at least that was loud and full of energy too. It just seems that there is a goldmine of interesting stories with Punk and Heyman not being straight heels and calling Cena out for what he is and the company out for pushing Cena over the title and still not using all of the great young talent they have. What happened to Cody Rhodes? Why is Dolph Ziggler the first MITB holder I remember that gets punked like a jobber in alomost every big match he has? I love the Bryan/Kane chemistry, but why does Bryan need Kane in the first place? Hasn’t he proven himself? Like I said, Punk should be the voice for all of this. I didn’t like the smiling babyface Punk that much either. I want the Punk we got for a great few weeks last summer and fall and I don’t see how that wouldn’t please the fans better and eventually draw more money for WWE. It’s like practically begging to be told as a full story.

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