Video: CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE ’13

The Looking4Larry Agency Presents a global exclusive! WWE Hall of Famer Good Ol’ JR (Jim Ross) interviewing the current reigning defending WWE Champion CM Punk and the single greatest superstar in WWE history, Stone Cold Steve Austin about their potential “biggest match of all time” … in the THQ WWE ’13 video game,of course. Or … ???

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  1. Ok, I just watched this and to be honest; I’d LOVE to see this happen. Cm punk vs. Steve Austin. It would be a hell of alot better then watching john cena vs. the rock @ wrestlemania. Besides, Im betting that cm punk can actually BEAT steve Austin in a match. Cm punk could do to steve austin wat john cena could NOT do to the rock @ wrestlemania. That would be epic! BTW; the handshake between cmpunk and steve austin gave me chills. I loved the look in punk’s eyes during the whole interview. Talk about showing #RESPECT HA!

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