Video Preview For CM Punk’s Upcoming DVD

CM Punk tweeted this preview video for his upcoming DVD:

CM Punk – Best In The World will be released on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012.

6 Comments on “Video Preview For CM Punk’s Upcoming DVD”

  1. I have not purchased a WWE home video release in over ten years. I’m buying this on release day.

  2. Im cry’n right now ’cause cm punk’s dvd happens to come out the same day as my birthday! BEST birthday present EVER! I’ve been a wrestling fan since 2000. I love cm punk sooo much. Thanx for all the hard work & dedication. Theres NO ONE better then cm punk! BEST IN THE WORLD!

  3. I never bought any wrestler dvds or games , but hope to get this of CM PUNK …..

  4. CM PUNK , really Best in the WORLD … Best of of Best ! LOVE ya CM PUNK ….

  5. I think the trailer for the DVD is great. Colt does an awesome job describing his best friend Punk. I hope his fans appreciate him even more once they see his story. He really is a great American Story Hero. I am almost sure his mother is very proud of her eldest son.
    Good Job PJB.

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