Video: Wrestling With Rosenberg: CM Punk

CM Punk and Peter Rosenberg discuss his legendary promo, how he feels things went after, working with John Cena, coming up in WWE, smart fans, working with Jericho, and so much more.

4 Comments on “Video: Wrestling With Rosenberg: CM Punk”

  1. Punk is always so refreshing when he’s interviewed, clear and intelligent. Love this interview, I love Punk’s voice though.

  2. amandaBass that’s right he so cute when he’s interviewed..and so sweet i love to see him over and over and over i’m really like what he did….ofcrs he is the best in the world.

  3. ooh I wouldn’t call him cute, Merry. No he’s great when he’s interviewed, he’ll give you an answer no messing around and he’s clear, concise and to the point which compared to a lot of people who have to interact with the media can’t do.
    However if I just deviate for a moment, he has a sexy voice, don’t know what it is about him but his voice actually makes me melt. He could make anything sound sexy….

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