What The Punk?: CM Punk

Welcome to a brand-spakin’-new segment over at the Anaheim Punk Examiner. It’s called “What The Punk?” So what exactly is “What The Punk?” Well, let me tell you. Basically it’s expanding the “punk” to outside of just the music. It’s reserved for fans of punk rock who work in other entertainment fields, or punk artists, or even writers or athletes or actors who embody the punk spirit. Up first, WWE Superstar CM Punk. The three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion talks about his love of punk rock, The Bouncing Souls and his upcoming SummerSlam match with The Big Show.

Matt Baldwin: How did you get your start in wrestling?

CM Punk: Very D.I.Y actually, so I guess that’s a good way to start for a punk rock interview. I loved wrestling since I was a little kid, so it was the only thing I wanted to do. I didn’t know that you had to get trained, I didn’t know that there was such thing as a wrestling school, I pretty much just did the same thing that everyone else did and rolled around in backyards with my friends and stuff. We weren’t jumping off of roofs or doing any of the crazy stuff that you see kids doing today, which is a bad thing to do, but we I guess acted out our wrestling fantasies or whatever. It kind of blossomed from there. I built a ring by myself. I didn’t know how to do any of this stuff. But then me and my buddies started running shows in the Chicago-area and even though we were completely un-trained, just goofy kids, we wound up attendance-wise and entertainment wise blowing away of the other local shows. So that’s how it started.

Read the entire interview with CM Punk with Matthew clicking here.

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