Who should WWE Champion CM Punk choose to face at Hell in a Cell: John Cena or Ryback?

 John Cena or Ryback?

Behind one cage door is John Cena — a 10-time WWE Champion, a veteran of this unforgiving match who will do whatever it takes to reclaim the coveted title he hasn’t held in more than a year.

Behind the other cage door is Ryback — a snarling, ferocious beast who has devoured every Superstar in his path and just keeps demanding to be fed more and more.

Which Hell in a Cell would you choose to step inside?

That is the unenviable decision that CM Punk now faces after Mr. McMahon issued an ultimatum to the WWE Champion at the close of Monday night’s Raw. For Punk, it comes down to picking between the devil he knows or the devil he doesn’t have the slightest clue about. On the surface alone, it seems like the choice should be Cena, especially considering his recovery from elbow surgery. But if you look closer, you’ll realize that it’s not all that simple for The Straight Edge Superstar.

WWE.com is here to examine the pros and cons of both options Punk has to choose from as Hell in a Cell looms just weeks away. Which opponent he selects might make all the difference between extending his impressive WWE Title reign and losing the grip on his championship gold completely …

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  1. Choose both. Give them a good fight and at the end let them beat the hell out of you. Than you can act as an beaten an broken heel who is crazy because he was hurting a fan. Close the f****** Respect crap and get back to showing personality!

  2. CM Punk should face his own self of a year ago.
    I like the “Go To Sleep” get-up that’s on sale now.
    Is this evidence of WWE kowtowing to the Freemasons to prevent any form of pop culture presenting a populist hero that stands up to the corporate establishment? In the words of Bill Hicks—“Go to sleep, America—there’s nothing to see here”. Just wondering.
    The Raw ratings are at a record low because there is no story being told. Well—-except that Vince McMahon and John Cena are heroes and anyone who speaks out is a cowardly heel. Great f***ing story. No wonder it’s selling so well.

  3. Foible remember when john cena FIRST started out in the wwe as an eminem rapping slash wrestler wanna be tryn to make it in the wwe that NOBODY liked? He was NOT always this goody too shoes guy that everybody likes now. As soon as cena won his first wwe title all of a sudden he turns face and is acting all in order to get respect you have to earn the respect. So NOW he’s so self-rightches. Thats bullshit. John cena CHANGED his persona and his image to cookie-cutter kinda guy becoz vince needed that guy to help him represent wat the wwe should be. But, in my opinion john cena is a hypocrite himself Why u ask easy when cm punk delivered a blistering gts to the rock on the 1000th episode of raw and EVERYBODY autimatically thought he turned his back on the wwe universe which by the way is FALSE FALSE FALSE even to this day not everybody like him. He desided he wasnt going to let anybody walk all over him. Punk didnt change to please ANYBODY he was tired of be the person people overshadowed. John cena changed to benifit vince mcmahon. What makes u a hero is being urself to change for urself NOT to please somebody else. And btw people say that john cena is the face of the company? Let me tell u something first two weeks ago wwe raw was great without john cena I loved it! Second if cena by some chance passed away tommorrow Im sure the wwe will continue without him and every other wrestler will still be employeed. Vince mcmahon is making money off the fact that he found a guy he could change to benifit vince. Oh and for a wrestler who claims he had arm surgery didnt seem to act like he did when he appeared last monday on raw. Shouldnt cena be getting physical therapy for his so-called arm surgery he had? The ONLY reason ryback AND john cena came out @ the end of raw is another easy one vince can’t win a match on his own anymore. And for u foible to say anybody who speaks out is a cowardly heel? Its called having an opinion. Ever heard of it? people have a rite to speak upon it. Every wwe superstar has their way of representing how the wwe should be presented. Cm punk represents wat a hero is and wat the wwe SHOULD be a human being w/a big heart and a person always tries to be HIMSELF and NOT somebody who is benifiting the coorporate honcho. Im like cm punk myself im not gonna stop speaking my mind and nobody is gonna tell me im a cowardly heel just becoz i speak my mind. Wat makes u a cowardly heel is NOT speaking ur mind and letting people walk all over u! Just stand up for urself and stand up for wat u believe in. Everybody has there hero. Mine Is CM PUNK! ALWAYS AND 4EVER AND IM NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT!

  4. I support u but after u became an effing coward n ran into d crowd, u effed up d whole effing wwe universe!

  5. Dear “sarah”—
    Okay. So you understand that pro wrestling is scripted entertainment, right? And you understand that in the STORY being told now that CM Punk is supposed to be a cowardly heel, right?
    I like Punk too—-but I don’t like that him “speaking up” makes him out in the STORY to be a cowardly heel, and that Cena and McMahon were made out on Raw to be strong faces—–especially McMahon.
    So, you get that it’s not “real”, right? Because that’s supposed to be part of the fun. You’re supposed to appreciate the work a wrestler like Punk does PLAYING A CHARACTER. What I’M questioning is how smart it is for WWE to have Punk playing the situation as a heel. If he were the hero for speaking up, and Cena and McMahon were the heels, it would be a better story. I also blame Punk for that. He’s obviously agreeing to play this heel, and tell the story this way, and it seems dumb.
    Once again….it’s a STORY. Phil Brooks PLAYS CM Punk.

  6. Huge fan.
    Watched the documentary. The thing is, people are digging Ryback because there’s some kind of wrestling law that says the ‘Syco Sid’ / ‘Undefeated Undertaker Streak’ / ‘Goldberg’ style streak is going to be hot once every ten years. John Cena is literally the Hulk Hogan for this modern era, and represents children and the WWE wants a younger audience.
    CM Punk should face both of them. He should dominate Ryback on the mat, in the air, and showing the indomitable will and spirit that defeated the Undertaker.
    Then, he should cripple John Cena. Destroy the arm, like a modern day Tully Blanchard. Just destroy tendons, rip cartilage, and sever muscle from bone — pull a Macho Man on him, send him packing for more than a week — so he’ll have a WHOLE season of Raw to watch and comment on when he gets back — if the dirtsheets are right, it’s time for a change. Then Punk, after getting both of them where he wants them, cuffs ’em to the Cell, and leaves the arena, losing on a countout. Perfect end. Punk retains after proving himself the better man, and Cena can say he won, and Ryback keeps his ‘streak’ alive.

    I’m a CM Punk guy. I’m an old-school guy.

    CM PUNK @ 400


  7. This thing with C.Mp punk needs to come to an end!, A champion does not go around and beat up people ! and Punk u r no CHAMPION!I think that Vince should make the choice 4 u , and if I were Vince I would choose Ryback! because I’ A Ryback kinda person

  8. Well, Charles bagur JOHN CENA shouldnt be champion becoz of how many chances HE’S been and/or being given. People talk ALOT of trash about how cm punk shouldnt be DEMANDING respect he should be EARNING IT somebody should tell john cena that he shouldnt be DEMANDING another title shot after another title shot after title shot! Its fucking ridiculous! And why does john cena keep showing up on raw w/a wounded elbow huh? NOT VERY SMART. Monday nite raw can survive withOUT cena jesus christ. The problem with the wwe is they need to change the current storyline between punk and cena with this title thing becoz its getting REEEAL old. John cena is coming of as a guy who keeps loosing his title shots against cm punk yet, he STILL gets those title shots and poor cm punk he’s coming off as a guy who continues to beat cena over & over & over again and who has ALREADY proven to himself and to the wwe universe how hard he has worked day in & day out day & nite that he IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD Demands respect becoz CM PUNK HAS FUCKING EARNED IT! I know its a storyline but, its gone so far as to the point that punk is the bad guy (no pun intended) and cena is the good guy. Hahahahahaha john cena a good guy?! YEAH RITE MY ASS. I understand that this is all just scripted though punk is playing his role BETTER than cena.

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