Who was snubbed at the 2011 Slammy Awards?

OMG Moment of the Year | Snub: CM Punk

Even though Punk took home two Slammys for the night, he missed out on this one despite being a slam-dunk choice for the award. When The Straight Edge Superstar walked out of Allstate Arena after winning the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, the WWE Universe buzzed with a rare kind of energy, simultaneously excited and dumbfounded by the moment. It was the kind of moment that made even non-followers of WWE stand up and take notice.


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  1. I completely agree that Punk was snubbed. I cannot believe that he wasn’t nominated for OMG moment of the year. His tirade was epic, and it changed the WWE landscape. Things were never the same after he opened his mouth for that unforgettable pipe bomb. He should have won three Slammys, in my opinion.

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