World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

At WWE Fatal 4-Way, World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger will attempt to defend his illustrious title against three former World Champions – CM Punk, Big Show and Undertaker – in an explosive Fatal 4-Way main event. And in a match where bedlam will rule, the four elite SmackDown Superstars will draw their advantage from four completely different sources.

At WWE’s innovative new pay-per-view, the odds will be stacked against Jack Swagger retaining his World Title before the bell even rings. According to the rules of a Fatal 4-Way Match, not only will all four Superstars be battling at the same time, but any one of them can pin any other Superstar to capture a championship victory.

Regardless of the odds, “The All-American American” has claimed that he is the “odds on favorite” in any competition he is involved in. Despite his rocky road since cashing in his WrestleMania Money in the Bank opportunity, the outspoken champion’s success at keeping his “greatest trophy” securely around his waist is unquestionable. His biggest advantage lays in his steadfast determination to hold on to the World Title at any cost. And against the awesome odds he will face at Fatal 4-Way, he will have to pull out every trick in the book.

After Swagger got himself disqualified in his Over the Limit World Championship Match with Big Show, The World’s Largest Athlete presents the textbook definition of an angry giant threat. His advantage in the Fatal 4-Way stems from his enormous size, which manifests itself in his most dangerous weapon, the knockout punch. The rage that drives the gigantic Superstar once the bell rings will make overcoming Big Show an extremely tall order.

CM Punk lost his hair at Over the Limit, and with it, the symbol of his Straight Edge “purity.” If he could once again become the Straight Edge World Heavyweight Champion, the freshly masked “savior” would provide himself with a new symbol to carry forth as the head of the S.E.S. Now that he has qualified for Fatal 4-Way by defeating Kane – the very Superstar that helped make it possible for Rey Mysterio to shave his head in the first place – The Second City Saint’s devotion to the Straight Edge lifestyle may be all the strength he needs to come out on top.

The strength that Undertaker wields in WWE is as dangerous as it is ominous. He is a true legend of the squared circle whose very name strikes fear in the hearts of any adversary he faces, before the battle even begins. After qualifying for Fatal 4-Way with a hard fought victory over The Ultimate Underdog Rey Mysterio, The Phenom looks to utilize the full force of his intimidation to bring his “holy grail” back home.

Who will emerge from WWE Fatal 4-Way with the World Heavyweight Championship? Find out June 20 at 8/7 CT, only on pay-per-view.

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  1. punk is just a stupid lousy nothing. thats the way h is. he thinks that serina and gallows will leave SES because now hes just like them.
    Thats whats up with the mask

  2. i think Big Show But everything is possible in the wwe
    (In the deepest my heart I know he Will do it)

  3. dont be afraid to take the mask off punk it ok bald is beautiful
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