Wrestlemania Event Pictures

The official WWE website added some Wrestlemania event pictures. View them below. The events are WM Axxess and something called Madness Morning.

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  1. Hey guys, after watching wrestlemania the stealer of the night to me was undertaker vs shawn micheals for the last time, and in going trough the pain of watching HBK leave I am slowly being consumed with fear that this will happen to CM Punk in the near future. I would gladly give up my life for this great sport and what it stands for with out a moment’s pause, but i would rather give it to the career of CM Punk, but if i can’t then i would just love to say that CM Punk will never be forgotten if he were to leave us any time soon and i would just love to thank him for the great moments he has given us that we will never forget, and to say that this also goes of the great athelets who do the same job every week of their lives for our enjoyment
    so thank you CM Punk and the S.E.S, thank you HHH, thank you John Cena, thank you HBK, thak you Undertaker, thank you, Batista, thank you kofi kingston, thank you Edge, thank you Randy Orton, thank you Tommy Draemer and the rest of the ECW originals like Chris Benoit, Sabu, Sandman, Terry Funk, Chris Jericho and Justin Credible. Thank you all those who I have left out, if your here one day and gone the next, I will still think of you and what you did.

  2. Well,you don’t have to worry about them leaving anytime soon.Try not to fathom that CM Punk would be leaving us.However,CM Punk might be leaving because of the fact that he will never get a title shot especially knowing that he has a lot of championship potential.He is a true winner and as a long time fan of his,I want what’s best for him.But try not to think about him leaving us.The thought for me is simply too much to swallow.

  3. Thats why I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t swallow it so it stays in my face. I’ve always thought that DX would make the WWE a more adult sort of place but due to the rule of being kid friendly (and still kicking TNA’s ass) it did sort of take away some of their purpose but they were still pretty awsome, but now that half of DX is dead I’m thinking DX can replace shawn micheals or team rated RKO can make a come back at the biggest party of the summer, summer slam and keep on doing what DX did or may be we can see a new team, I’m thinking Sheamus and HHH
    now lets not forget HBK and HHH were sworn enemies the week before they put DX together again.

  4. I love to see how much cm punk just a normal dude . Alot of wrestlers have egos he looks like hes a dude you could just hang out with . Watch some GI joe and not feel like your dealing with a super star!

  5. I can understand what you feel: if CMPunk had to leave, there would be a huge hole in my life too. But don’t be sad, I don’t think he will be leaving or retiring soon; he loves wrestling too much and there are still so many great matches and great moments ahead.
    Shawn Michaels ‘s leaving was his choice (wasn’t it?). No one showed him the door. He probably wanted to experience other things and we must respect his choice.

  6. You know what, that did make me feel a bit better and i serffed on youtube and found this vid here is the link
    just put that head ach into the addressbar the vid is called CM Punk in IWA MS.
    Any way i think that CM Punk is here to stay but you never know if he’s one of those short seneations, after all it is wrestling, I mean this amazing sport offers so many ways to get injured for good. I mean look at mankind vs the undertaker hell in a cell. what if that happens to punk. I would gladly take a bullet for the man but injueries are more like bomb shells, how do you take a bomb shell for some one.

  7. P.S.
    0:58 Yes he power bombed a woman but something tells me she had it comming
    1:59 Yes he pile drived a woman again (probably the sam one if that is true than she did probably have it comming)
    2:32 Look at him tap
    2:57 AWWW brotherly love
    3:00 I think he’s dead
    3:06 Him too
    3:11 And him
    3:13 Look at him tap
    3:39 He got punked
    & last but definatly not least
    3:44 Something for the women

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